The One I Wrote at the Airport

Obligitory super tired airport selfie.

I almost never pre-write posts. If you need proof, well just look at how irregularly I actually show up here (trying to improve I swear).

I like not pre-writing posts. I feel like when I write in the moment you guys get a little snapshot of what my life actually looks like or feels like at that time. But sometimes I just can’t help but sit down and write even though I can’t hit “publish” when I’m done. Sometimes the inspiration strikes, the creative juices start flowing and I just have to write it all down before I lose it.

As I write this I am sitting in the cafe at Deer Lake Regional Airport, and by the time you read this, I will have already returned from my trip, weeks will have passed. Because I’m super organized and all that.

Funny how airports seem to stimulate the mind.

I’m a nervous flyer. I’m all would up, and my chest has been feeling heavy most of the day just thinking about it. Pair that with my extreme excitement to see my friends and well, I’m having trouble sitting still.

Perhaps that why I felt this unshakable need to put pen to paper. Maybe I thought it would help keep me calm. And if I did, it isn’t really working.

The couple at the table across from me are talking about how beautiful and majestic this province is. I happen to agree. I live in a seriously amazing corner of the world. They’re also talking about some of the great things they’e done on their visit, things I’ve never done even though I live here. Things like hiking Gros Morne Mountain, iceberg watching in St. Anthony, or visiting the Tablelands. Its really a shame that I haven’t made a point of doing these things.

The grandmother at the table to my left is cooing and baby talking to her grandson. Its super fucking annoying and driving me crazy. Proof that I’m far from being ready to have a child? And fingers crossed I’m not that annoying when I do.

There’s a guy from Alberta sitting behind me, bragging about his job at a gas plant to two strangers, as if they really care. And he just told them his name, and where he lives. Super fucking stupid dude, super fucking stupid. Newfoundland is generally safe, but no, you just don’t do that. Stupid people irritate me. I would scowl at this guy if I could.

There are at least 15 children in this airport. All ages 3 and under. It appears thaty will all be on my flight. There goes any chance I had of taking a much needed nap between here and Toronto.

Here’s to hoping they don’t turn out to be monsters like Amanda.



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