Adventures on the Internet: Vol.2

Soooo, I skipped this post the past few Saturdays because, as hard as it is to believe, I haven’t spent much time online lately and it took me a while to accumulate enough interesting things to share. Its also been difficult to find time to sit down and put together a post.
Getting ready for vacation has had me so unbelievably stressed out. I’m going to need a vacation to get over the stress of going on vacation. I just had so much stuff to get done before I left.
But without further ado…

– This post about periods.

– This awesome new kitchen gadget that I must have.

– This real age quiz. PS. I got 25.

– This hilarious photo.

– This terribly ridiculous advice.

– These guys who can dance in heels far better than me.

– The best piece of advice you will ever receive.

Have you found anything awesome on the internet lately?

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