Let’s Get Real Vol.2

Today is Wednesday, which means its time to confess all my crap with Kathy, even if I am late posting today. Better late than never right?

Vodka and Soda

– It actually stresses me out a little a lot when I post outside of “approved blogging hours” or better yet not at all. I actually bothers me the entire day.
– I honestly forgot how much traffic you get when you participate in great links. No, thats not why I’m back here again this lovely Humpday. I actually think confession sessions are fun.
– The blog traffic doesn’t hurt my motivation though.
– New coveralls for my employees made me way more excited than I should admit. But its like finally seeing some of my vision for the steel distributor that shall not be named finally coming together.
– I’m running super low on some of my makeup (see: all of my makeup), and I refuse to replace any of it until I get to Alberta. The selection is way better there, hello Sephora! I won’t be complaining that the taxes are only 5% there compared to the 13% I pay here.
– I added a few IRL people to Instagram. And then I used it to plug a blog post. Oops. You bet they noticed. Yeah I’m talking about you Laura.
– Its been so ungodly warm here lately that I have honestly been thiiiiiiis close to complaining about it. But I won’t cause there’s a tropical cyclone headed this way.
– I’ll be in Alberta when that cyclone hits, so I don’t actually care. Sorry, not sorry.
– The word “cyclone” sounds scary.
– I spent all day yesterday at the park for a fundraiser for my rowing club, trying to raise money to fix the boat that was heavily damaged due to vandalism a few weeks ago. Only one other person showed up to help me out, and I was piiiisssed the entire day. I am still very unsure of how I managed to smile and be sweet and hand out balloons to children for 6 hours in 36 degree heat (thats 96.8 to you Americans out there).
– And then I came home and wrote a less than kind Facebook message to the rest of the club’s executive members for not helping out, which caused a stink, and resulted in an emergency meeting being called for tomorrow. Pretty sure I’m going to look a lot like this when we all get together, cause ya know, its not good enough to just want the money, its gonna take a little effort on everyone’s part to replace that boat. (Repairs are gonna cost 5 grand, not cheap)
– I am less than 72 hours away from leaving for Grande Prairie and I still have way to much stuff to do. So much stuff in fact that I don’t actually have time to be writing this post. But whatever.
– To celebrate all the fantastical things about July, like Canada Day, Independence Day, vacations and sunshine, everything in my Etsy shop is 50% off for the entire month! Just use coupon code CANADAUSA.

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