A “Classy” Bachelorette

As many of you know, because I talked about it incessantly, a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get to fly across the country, to my old stompin’ grounds, to spend a few weeks with my friends and to celebrate the wedding of my sister from another mister, Sarah.

Of course before we could send her down the aisle we had to giver her one last fling before the ring.

The maid of honor, DJ, and I planned the shindig for months. Blowing up each other’s Facebook Chat with ideas, pictures and updates. The weeks leading up to the day were super stressful. Would our handmade decorations look good? Would the food taste good? Would everyone have fun? Would we be able to pull of the night Sarah had been dreaming of?

Happy to report that it was a smashing success!

Sarah didn’t want a typical bachelorette party with straws, and pins and cakes shaped like penises (I don’t blame her), she wanted something “classy”. Obviously that meant that I would need to consult the almighty Pinterest to find ideas for decor and fun things to do.

One // Two // Three // Four 

It wasn’t hard to become inspired and it was clear that this party was going to be needing a lot of glitter.

Planning a party for a large age group and one where mothers are invited is a challenge. DJ and I wanted to make sure we were “appropriate” but that everyone had a good time. And we had a lot of fun, we played the Groom Quiz and Who Knows the Bachelorette. We had a Passion Party, a photobooth, great food and tons of booze. And really y’all, thats a recipe for a great night. It certainly didn’t hurt that Sarah’s friend and my fellow bridesmaid, Fringina, was able to get up the VIP section at Spurs either.

Our handmade decorations.
Photo backdrop inspired by this LaurenConrad.com tutorial.
All you need for a good time is to chug a little Sourpuss, amirite?!

Let’s Get Real Vol. 4

Vodka and Soda

– I came back from vacation with serious intentions of being a more consistent blogger. I’ve been back a week and a half and I’ve only show up to play three times including today. But I do still have plans of being here more often

– I have a terrible habit of writing work info in my blogging notebook, and writing posts in my work notebook. Its really hard to keep track of where all my ideas are jotted down. I really need to stop scribbling in whatever notebook is closest.

– It really frustrates me when I’m up front and honest with a guy and tell him that I have issues. I’m selfish and cold, materialistic, a consumerist, I put my career and my family first, I like to be in control, and I don’t enjoy cooking and cleaning, and he says that none of that stuff bothers him, he’s still really into me. And then later when he finds it all out for himself, he tells me that I have issues. Well no shit Sherlock, I fucking told you that already, not my fault you assumed I was lying.

– Last night for some strange reason I was feeling productive, I did a little laundry and put some chicken breasts in the slow cooker on high so that they’d be done before bed, and I would have food for lunch today. I even went so far as to brag to a friend that I’d make an excellent housewife, obviously I was joking. This morning I woke up to a seriously nasty stench. Turns out I had fallen asleep while watching Netflix, and let the chicken cook on high for 12 hours. Yummy. #housewifeiamnot

– Ever since my most recent trip to Sephora I’ve been obsessed with make-up. I’ve got a fairly extensive wish list happening. There are a few Bite Beauty lipsticks I’m dying to get my hands on, and a Too Faced Melted Lipstick that I’m dreaming about. #lipsticklovah

– Before I went on vacation I was on a Netflix binge, le duh, and I watched the movie Syrup. Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with being more like the character Six. She is a badass, powerful business woman with incredible style. Truth, I wanna be Six and I try to channel her on the daily.

– I hurt my ankle on a little excursion over the weekend, and I haven’t been able to wear heels all week. Its really interfering with my Sixness. And its pissing me right off.

– I feel hotter and more powerful in heels FYI.

– The fact that I had to sign up for Tumblr to find gifs for this post is irritating.

– Since I burned up my lunch, work is now buying Chinese for the entire staff. #perksofbeingtheboss

The One I Wrote at the Airport

Obligitory super tired airport selfie.

I almost never pre-write posts. If you need proof, well just look at how irregularly I actually show up here (trying to improve I swear).

I like not pre-writing posts. I feel like when I write in the moment you guys get a little snapshot of what my life actually looks like or feels like at that time. But sometimes I just can’t help but sit down and write even though I can’t hit “publish” when I’m done. Sometimes the inspiration strikes, the creative juices start flowing and I just have to write it all down before I lose it.

As I write this I am sitting in the cafe at Deer Lake Regional Airport, and by the time you read this, I will have already returned from my trip, weeks will have passed. Because I’m super organized and all that.

Funny how airports seem to stimulate the mind.

I’m a nervous flyer. I’m all would up, and my chest has been feeling heavy most of the day just thinking about it. Pair that with my extreme excitement to see my friends and well, I’m having trouble sitting still.

Perhaps that why I felt this unshakable need to put pen to paper. Maybe I thought it would help keep me calm. And if I did, it isn’t really working.

The couple at the table across from me are talking about how beautiful and majestic this province is. I happen to agree. I live in a seriously amazing corner of the world. They’re also talking about some of the great things they’e done on their visit, things I’ve never done even though I live here. Things like hiking Gros Morne Mountain, iceberg watching in St. Anthony, or visiting the Tablelands. Its really a shame that I haven’t made a point of doing these things.

The grandmother at the table to my left is cooing and baby talking to her grandson. Its super fucking annoying and driving me crazy. Proof that I’m far from being ready to have a child? And fingers crossed I’m not that annoying when I do.

There’s a guy from Alberta sitting behind me, bragging about his job at a gas plant to two strangers, as if they really care. And he just told them his name, and where he lives. Super fucking stupid dude, super fucking stupid. Newfoundland is generally safe, but no, you just don’t do that. Stupid people irritate me. I would scowl at this guy if I could.

There are at least 15 children in this airport. All ages 3 and under. It appears thaty will all be on my flight. There goes any chance I had of taking a much needed nap between here and Toronto.

Here’s to hoping they don’t turn out to be monsters like Amanda.



Let’s Get Real Vol. 3

Vodka and Soda
– I was a terrible blogger while on vacation, and didn’t post at all. Oops.
– Vacay recaps will be tough, cause I hardly took any pictures. I’m still not comfortable looking strange to people for taking pics or having the “I’m a blogger,” conversation. Need to get over that. Stat.

– A few weeks ago I went for a ride on bike, with a guy who’s bike I probably shouldn’t have been on the back of, but thats really not the point of this story. Bikes require real footwear, not flip flops. Real footwear require socks, and I hate socks. So as soon as flip flop season comes around, I forget about them, and thus there are never any clean. So I had to fish some out of the laundry, and well, lets just say its a good thing his nose never got anywhere near my feet.

– I’m seriously considering a re-branding. “Adventures” just doesn’t seem to jive well with my life these days. I’m just not sure what I would re-brand to, and also, re-brands are a lot of work and I’m lazy.
– Going back to work after a vacation is always a struggle. This time was no exception. I wanted to cry my entire drive to the office on Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday. Seriously, can’t I just get paid to be on permanent vacation?
– I have been a super loyal Air Canada customer. I never fly any other airline (mostly because of Aeroplan, duh) but I’m seriously ready to rip them a new one, and switch to West Jet. They lost one of my bags on my return flight last Saturday, and four days later they still have ZERO clue where it is. And their call center is in India, so you can imagine how much fun they are to deal with. There are soooo many things in that bag that I want, like right now. Like my brand new, never worn, took forever to find a pair that I loved, black Aldo stilettos. Ugh.
– I really love gifs, but I feel like that idiot in the classroom who has no clue what’s going on. Seriously, where do you all find all the amazingness that are gifs?

– It is disgustingly hot in my office. The a/c is not working. My feet are swollen, I had to ditch the heels. And basically, I’m sweaty and miserable, and wearing flats. Wednesday, what did I ever do to you??

Adventures on the Internet: Vol.2

Soooo, I skipped this post the past few Saturdays because, as hard as it is to believe, I haven’t spent much time online lately and it took me a while to accumulate enough interesting things to share. Its also been difficult to find time to sit down and put together a post.
Getting ready for vacation has had me so unbelievably stressed out. I’m going to need a vacation to get over the stress of going on vacation. I just had so much stuff to get done before I left.
But without further ado…

– This post about periods.

– This awesome new kitchen gadget that I must have.

– This real age quiz. PS. I got 25.

– This hilarious photo.

– This terribly ridiculous advice.

– These guys who can dance in heels far better than me.

– The best piece of advice you will ever receive.

Have you found anything awesome on the internet lately?

Why I Can’t Wait to Go Back “Out West”

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d say that I can’t wait to get my ass back on Alberta soil. I never thought I’d miss it this much. Perhaps its because it was my home for five years and I did so much growing there. I fell in love with people, and places and food. Especially the food.

Because I’m super busy preparing for vacation and making sure all my work is up to date before I leave, I have resorted to another of my beloved listicles, not to be confused with testicles (but those aren’t so bad either in the right context).

– Sarah, Megan, Monica, Alisha and Tracey. You know the amazing ladies I’m friends with cause I chose em, not cause I grew up with them.

– Sarah’s Bachelorette. Its going to be an amazing time. Or at least it better be. And oh what a relief it will be to have it over. Planning these things from so far away has been a challenge.

– Ikea, West Edmonton Mall, South Edmonton Commons. Bring on the shopping. I can hear my momma’s credit card shwiping already.

– Taco Bell. Seriously, there isn’t a single one in Newfoundland. I feel deprived of its yumminess and cheapness. Do. Not. Judge. Me. Capeesh?

– Decorating for Sarah’s Wedding. Yeah. Thats a total lie. I wish I could snap my fingers and it would be done. But, I am happy I get to share the experience with her. I’ll let you know if I’m still happy about it after its all said and done.

– Girls nights. They’re always a shit show and its been way too long.

– Mr. Mike’s, because seriously I think I miss this place the most. They have by far the best burgers ever, and I love their stir fry, and spinach dip and calamari. And shit, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.

– Drinks on patios. My number one favorite summery thing to do.

– Champagne. Le duh.

– And last but not least, the not having to go to work. Obviously.

Let’s Get Real Vol.2

Today is Wednesday, which means its time to confess all my crap with Kathy, even if I am late posting today. Better late than never right?

Vodka and Soda

– It actually stresses me out a little a lot when I post outside of “approved blogging hours” or better yet not at all. I actually bothers me the entire day.
– I honestly forgot how much traffic you get when you participate in great links. No, thats not why I’m back here again this lovely Humpday. I actually think confession sessions are fun.
– The blog traffic doesn’t hurt my motivation though.
– New coveralls for my employees made me way more excited than I should admit. But its like finally seeing some of my vision for the steel distributor that shall not be named finally coming together.
– I’m running super low on some of my makeup (see: all of my makeup), and I refuse to replace any of it until I get to Alberta. The selection is way better there, hello Sephora! I won’t be complaining that the taxes are only 5% there compared to the 13% I pay here.
– I added a few IRL people to Instagram. And then I used it to plug a blog post. Oops. You bet they noticed. Yeah I’m talking about you Laura.
– Its been so ungodly warm here lately that I have honestly been thiiiiiiis close to complaining about it. But I won’t cause there’s a tropical cyclone headed this way.
– I’ll be in Alberta when that cyclone hits, so I don’t actually care. Sorry, not sorry.
– The word “cyclone” sounds scary.
– I spent all day yesterday at the park for a fundraiser for my rowing club, trying to raise money to fix the boat that was heavily damaged due to vandalism a few weeks ago. Only one other person showed up to help me out, and I was piiiisssed the entire day. I am still very unsure of how I managed to smile and be sweet and hand out balloons to children for 6 hours in 36 degree heat (thats 96.8 to you Americans out there).
– And then I came home and wrote a less than kind Facebook message to the rest of the club’s executive members for not helping out, which caused a stink, and resulted in an emergency meeting being called for tomorrow. Pretty sure I’m going to look a lot like this when we all get together, cause ya know, its not good enough to just want the money, its gonna take a little effort on everyone’s part to replace that boat. (Repairs are gonna cost 5 grand, not cheap)
– I am less than 72 hours away from leaving for Grande Prairie and I still have way to much stuff to do. So much stuff in fact that I don’t actually have time to be writing this post. But whatever.
– To celebrate all the fantastical things about July, like Canada Day, Independence Day, vacations and sunshine, everything in my Etsy shop is 50% off for the entire month! Just use coupon code CANADAUSA.