Life is Beautiful

In high school (Go Dorsets!) most of my friends were guys. Not because I was a skank (that came later in life), or because I wanted to avoid girl drama, but simply because I seemed to have a lot more in common with Adam, Robin and Jeremy than I did with most girls, and I genuinely enjoyed the time I spent with them. As great as those friendships were, and they were truly great (Adam and I are still best friends, and well Jeremy, we’ve talked about him around these parts before), I longed for the days when I would have great girl friends a la Sex and the City.

Luckily for me, somewhere around my 20th year on the planet and my second year in Alberta, I met my Charlotte and Samantha (obviously I’m Carrie, no one wants to be Miranda, that bitch was a mess).

While I may have skipped the whole college thing, I most certainly did not skip the boozing. Clearly.

Who knew that a tipsy Halloween night would lead me to finding the sisters I never had but always wanted.

I am truly blessed to have Sarah and Megan in my life, and I am so very much thankful that our friendships have lasted no matter the distance between us.

A week from today I am getting on a plane to fly 6000kms to be reunited with them, if only for a short while, and I can hardly wait.

And now to honor to our beautiful friendship, a song we drunkenly moved to danced to many many times.

Vacation get at me!

PS. For a girl who loves photoshopping, it was seriously difficult to post those pictures.

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