Adventures on the Internet

One of the local radio stations, OZFM, does this bit called Adventures on the Internet every morning where they share something wacky that they found online. I’ve always enjoyed their morning show, particularly that part of it, cause it makes me chuckle.  I’ve been wanting to share some of the fun stuff I’ve found on the web with all of you, and then one day it dawned on me, and I said to myself, “Adventures on the Internet, thats a cool title, and it fits the blog, and omg, you now have something to name your Saturday posts.” And there you have it, I stole the title of today’s post, and the title of many more Saturday posts to come.

And don’t you love run-on sentences, cause I do.

So, without further ado I present…

This guy who can dance better than me.

This insane display of the power of make up that reminds me of my inadequate skill in that area.

What fun, crazy, awesome stuff have you found online lately?

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