Happiness is a Lifestyle: 100 Happy Days

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“Happiness is not something you can learn.”

I read that statement while browsing the popular posts on Bloglovin a few days ago, and it struck me as being so unbelievably wrong that I knew I had to write about it.

Some people are born with a natural rosy outlook on life. They see the bliss and the positive in everything. Happiness seems to come so easily to them and it can be downright annoying to those of us “glass half empty” types.

For some of us happiness is a choice. It doesn’t always come easy. We are predisposed to see the grey in the world. But, we learn to find ways to be happy. Happiness becomes our way of life, a lifestyle if you will, not all that different from choosing to live and eat healthier.

There’s no secret recipe for happiness, its different for all of us, but there are a few things that you can do to live a little brighter and less grey.

– Believe in yourself.

– Take life as it comes. Don’t stress over the maybes or what ifs. Live life in the “right now” as much as possible, and deal with the future when it happens.

– Talk it out. Sometimes the best way to cope or deal with something that’s bringing you down is to talk about it with a friend who’s willing to lend an ear, and who you are comfortable talking to.

– Separate yourself. If a person or situation is making you miserable, give some some serious thought to cutting them or it loose.

– Find a hobby or activity that brings you peace and joy. The happiness you get from it can spread throughout your day.

– Clean yourself up and dress your best. Its not about anyone else. Its about know you put your best food forward. You would be surprised how much the way you feel about your appearance can affect your mood.

– Make others happy. Doing good for others is always good for the soul.

– Start and end each day with a smile. Reflect a little on something you are thankful for.

– Acknowledge something in the everyday that makes you happy.

“We live in times when super-busy schedules have become something to boast about. While the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in.” – 100happydays.com

I find that this is becoming more and more the case in my life, I am unbelievably ambitious and being crazy busy can be a sign or side effect of success. But I have realized that I need to make a point of slowing down, of acknowledging the wonderful parts of my day, so I’ve decided to hop on the 100HappyDays train, and share one moment of happiness from every day with all of you.

You can follow the 100HappyDays movement with #100happydays and follow along with me with #KathrynsHappyJourney on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. And while you’re at it head on over to 100happydays.com and join the movement, share your happiness with all of us.

Ps. If you choose to follow along, and I hope you do, and you notice I’m slacking and have missed a day, let me know. Help me find the happiness in my day.

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