Just a Few Snaps

I’m captaining the struggle bus today. I’ve managed to catch a cold and while my drug of choice, Benylin, has been doing an excellent job of keeping the sicky feelings away, my head feels hazy, and its hard to be productive. Really, I just want to put my head on my desk and have a nap.

So I’ll leave you with some pictures of my really lovely Mother’s Day weekend.

My mom got a little spoiled for Mother’s Day, we went out for lunch and she got some beautiful flowers. Pretty sure tulips are my new favorite.

My dad had his boat repainted since the last time I was home, now shes named after me. And that bad ass warrior on the front of the boat is supposed to be me.

So all in all it was a pretty good weekend. Pretty flowers, and pretty boats.

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  1. hey girl! i just wanted to say hey, i just got done reading the post over at two thirds hazel and i opened up every single commenter that was likeminded, lol. so i just wanted to say hey! love the flowers 🙂

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