I May Not be Perfect: My Struggle with Self Love

I wrote a post a while back where I mentioned the things I would change about myself if I could afford plastic surgery. It wasn’t meant to be totally serious, but they were things I have thought about. It didn’t take very long for someone to point out that I can be a little hard on myself sometimes, and that I should start focusing on the things I love about myself instead of the things I don’t.

Its true. I can judge myself a little to harshly. Sometimes I pick apart my body. Weigh myself daily. Question how good my clothes looks on me. I wonder if my voice is irritating, or if I talk too much. Am I fun to be around or do people find me annoying? Am I really as pretty as I think I am?

I’m a girl with a mountain of insecurities and a personality that causes me to tend to dwell on the negatives. Those are two things that do not go well together my friends, not at all. The only way to overcome these things is to make a conscious effort to be happy with myself exactly the way I am, and to acknowledge the things I love about myself. Focus on the positives.

– I’ve got super long hair. I’ve got tons of styling options, if only I knew how to do them.

– Even when my abs go into hiding, it doesn’t take a whole lot to coax them back out to play.

– I’ve got a pretty big heart. When I love, I love hard.

– Thanks to nearly three years of braces, I’ve got decently straight set of chompers.

– For the most part my complexion is pretty good.

– I can rock bangs.

– My eyes are a pretty cool shade of green.

– My legs are bangin’. They look great in dresses and shorts, especially when I’m wearing heels.

– I happen to think my derriere is pretty fab. Its not too big, and not too small.

Even though I struggle with insecurities on the daily, it really wasn’t very hard for me to come up with a bunch of things I love about myself. It also wasn’t very hard to find a bunch of selfies to demonstrate all those qualities I’m happy with.

What about you? Do you get down on yourself easily too?

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  1. All those things are definitely true! Your eyes are stunning. Its funny, if I had to make a list of all the things I liked about myself, it would look a lot like yours (minus the straight teeth….oh well! haha). So nice to see some self-love đŸ™‚

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