Take Me As I Am

While I was on my unplanned hiatus, also known as my “I don’t want to get out of bed, let alone write a blog post” period, I still kept up with all the blogs I love to read. And there were a few link ups and things that I would have loved to participate in, had I had even an ounce of creativity in me at the time. But I’ve decided not to let the fun pass me by so I’m jumping on the band wagon anyways.

– could spend an entire weekend in bed reading, watching tv or movies, painting my nails, etc.

– loves music but can’t listen to it when dealing with heartbreak.

– closes her eyes when the hockey game is close and the Americans are within scoring range.

– gets obsessed with TV shows. I mean I watched the entire last two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in the past week.

– gets up early to watch the Olympic gold medal hockey game.

– has some serious Canadian pride.

– owns more than 50 pairs of shoes and still doesn’t think its enough.

– is really good at planning but terrible at executing. Major props to Erin for planning Blogcation because I’d never be able to pull that off.

– would love to go on Blogcation, but is too damn broke, and thus needs to get better at the saving of monies.

– hates coffee.

– loves quotes and funnies a little too much. Need proof? Check me out on Pinterest.

– has spent too many hours on Pinterest and has no plans to stop.

– sets the alarm a half hour before she has to get up. And then hits snooze a bunch of times.

– loves bar food like wings and nachos and beer more than any other food. Except maybe pizza and lasagna.

– takes far too many selfies.

– is turning twenty freaking seven tomorrow and isn’t too happy about being so close to the be three-oh.

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