The Game Plan

I have a confession. I’ve been super bad when it comes to eating well the past two days. Not sure what has gotten into me, I didn’t lose motivation, I just…I dunno. In any case, what we all know has proven true once again, its a lot easier to gain pounds than it is to lose them. And I’m back up to 137.4.

And while it sucks, that I’ve wasted the progress, it was a good kick in the ass and a reminder of how easily you can backslide. Of how just a day or two off track can set you back quite a bit. And that just like every healthy decision you make puts you one step closer to your goals, every unhealthy decision you make, keeps you one step further from it.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I can’t do this without a plan of action. I hadn’t wanted to have a regimen, cause thats kinda boring and restrictive, but time is getting close, and I need to make a lot of progress quickly in order to reach my goal.

I still stand by being a turtle in the long run, but I need to be a rabbit for the next few weeks. Just until I get down into the 120’s again, and that bridesmaid dress fits perfectly.

1. Drink mainly water and a minimum of 8 cups per day.

It has zero calories and carbs, and very little sodium. It jump starts your metabolism and helps flush         excess water weight.
2. Cut back on white bread, pasta and rice.

These foods cause bloating, especially around the tummy area. Also, they get digested quickly, which means you feel hungry faster, and there’s potential to overeat.

3. Do at least 30 mins of cardio a day.

Burn baby burn, calories that is.

4.  Do push ups, sit ups and lunges every other day.

These exercises help sculpt muscle which will give you a streamlined appearance.

5. Get an extra half hour of sleep per night.

The extra half hour can refresh you enough that you will make better  food choices, won’t feel lethargic or skip workouts.

6. Eat breakfast.

It helps increase your metabolism keep hunger down so you’ll snack less throughout the day.

7. Do jumping jacks during commercial breaks.

Burn more calories, instead of sitting on the couch.

8. No snacking after supper.

After supper snacking has more to do with boredom than hunger, and most of the time they aren’t healthy snack. Unnecessary calories.

I want those abs, and legs, and arms.

Do you have a get fit game plan??

Glossy Blonde

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  1. I love this plan! I was doing so well eating healthy and losing a little weight last month. I don't have a lot to lose but I would like to slim down and lose about the same amount that you are looking at lose. Sometimes it's just so hard and I don't think that genetics are in my favor.

    My goal for this week is to get back in the gym and do more even if it's just burpees and push-ups in my living room.


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