I’d Rather Be The Turtle

This isn’t my first time at the weight loss rodeo. I’ve been here a few times. All of which have been short lived. A healthy lifestyle binge followed with a quick downward spiral into the unhealthy lifestyle of which I had become accustomed. I choose not to think of those attempts as failures, but instead as learning experiences. Each one of them has taught me something about the goal, the challenge, the journey and about myself.

I’ve learned that losing weight isn’t easy. Keeping it off is even harder. It requires a true change of lifestyle. Some people can make the change almost overnight, but when I try to do that, I usually fall off the wagon pretty quickly.

I have learned that for me, its important to take time to adjust. To make small changes and take small steps towards improving myself. Its not about losing a bunch of weight quickly, its about being successful in the long run. Its about the big picture.

Every healthy decision I make, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction.

Its about saying no to a French Vanilla Cappuccino on Wednesdays (Tim Horton’s Day) at work.

Its about saying yest to another glass of water.

Its about three eggs instead of four in my omelet.

Its about doing one more Zumba video before I call it quits.

Its about light instead of regular mayo. Salad instead of fries.

Every seemingly little healthy decision I make, puts me just a little bit closer to reaching my goals.

I’ts like they say, “Slow and steady wins the race.” And I’m more than okay with being the turtle.

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  1. You've got this!! You just gotta remember those little things because they really do add up! Take the stairs instead of the elevator (mostly because I'm scared of elevators). Good luck! And remember you've always got people rooting for you 🙂

  2. Take small steps! One thing at a time. I try to replace one unhealthy choice a day, that way I don't feel like I am totally depriving myself. You got this 🙂

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