The Power of Facebook

Its no secret that Facebook has become less of a place to socialize and catch up with people online, and more of a place to whine and grip about ones problems. 85% of the time, yes I made that statistic up, its drama filled, and causes me to lose just a little more faith in the intelligence of the human race, but every once in a while, something amazing happens because of it.

Let me tell you a story of such a time….

My friend Jacqueline is an amazing woman. Her positive attitude and generosity are inspiring. She is also a social worker. Not the child protective services kind, but the kind that helps less than fortunate families. She has a job I would never ever ever in a million years be able to do. And not because I don`t care about helping others, but because she sees things on a daily basis that I would never be able to handle.

She often works closely with Transition House, a shelter for battered women and children. Yesterday, she and her coworkers met a family who literally had nothing. When she got back to her office at noon, she posted this:

Five hours later people had donated living room furniture, clothes, food, money, beds, a Christmas tree, and Christmas gifts.

Its amazing how quickly a community can pull together and be so generous to help out a family in need. And while I have no doubt that Jacqueline would have worked miracles for that family without Facebook, it was certainly made all the more easier because of it.

Things like this really help put stuff into perspective. When you think you`ve got it bad, it really truly could be worst, and is for some people.

It warms my heart to see how wonderful people can be and puts me even more in the mood for the holidays.

Why Does This Season Have To Be So Stressful

I’ve been MIA the past few weeks. I’ve been unbelievably busy, almost nerve-wreckingly so. But I’ve missed this place, and I’m glad to be back.

Between getting things ready for year end at work, studying for my final, and getting ready for Christmas, I’m surprised I’m not bald or completely grey. But thankfully the end is almost here.

 I had a trial run for my hair for the wedding that is THIS Saturday. Cannot believe how fast time is flying.
And those are the earrings I plan to wear.
But not that lipstick, because my entire family hated it. Booourns.
And then I went to my first ever bachelorette party.
 Debrah’s massive Bachelorette Bitch glass.
 All but one of the bridesmaids and the bride. 
It was pretty snowy outside so we decided not to rock heels for the occasion.
 We had a bit of a snowstorm Sunday night. I had to walk home from my cousin’s house in this mess.
 And then I woke up to this.
There’s supposed to be a set of steps there somewhere.
My car drifted in, and the plow bank was higher than the front of my car.
I really don’t mind shoveling and snowblowing my driveaway. Its exercise and it gets me off the couch and out in to the fresh air. But I’d really really prefer to not have to get up at 6am to do it.
But on a positive note, its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And yes, I sang along in my head as I wrote that. 
I’m almost done my Christmas shopping. Maybe only one or two things left to get. I left most of my shopping until the last few weeks, because I had to study for that stupid final exam in Macroeconomics, and because I kinda had to spread out the spending. 
And because I left it until basically the last minute I’ve been stressed, because I had no clue what to get anyone. And for most people I can use gift cards as a back up plan. But not for my mom. I had a bunch of ideas, but none of them were panning out. And I spent all of yesterday panicking about not having anything for her. So much so that I may have broke down and cried about it after work last evening. But someone somewhere must have heard my sobs, because when I went to the mall last night I decided to go back to Pseudio on a whim just in case they had what I was looking for, and they did! And obviously I can’t say what I bought, because someone, ahem Shelley, told my mom all about this little piece of the interwebz.
And then I went to Target, and discovered that every.single.piece of clothes that I fell in love with since the store opened had been moved to the clearance section for $5 each!!! Which just really sealed the deal on it being a fantastic night, because I bought a few items for myself, and snagged a gorgeous blazer for my friend for Christmas. So you should definitely keep an eye out around these parts next week, cause I’ll be wearing those lovelies for sure.
And I’m going to stop rambling now, because I’m sure your sick of it and its soon quitting time aka 5 o’clock, and I have to go celebrate the first birthday of this adorable face. 
Happy Birthday Jesse Bear!

A Lesson in Christmas Gifts for All the Boyfriends Out There

We’ve all dated that guy. You know, the one who insists he has “no clue” what to get you for Christmas. And its not because you haven’t dropped enough hints. He’s just lazy and doesn’t want to have to put any thought in to it. But then when you ask for new shoes, he says you already have enough of those.

So just in case there’s a few guys coming around here I’ve compiled some helpful information for holiday gift buying.

– For the love of all that is holy, do not, I repeat do not ask her what she wants. Like ever. Unless you’d like to be broken up before the holidays.

– We talk about the things we want 24/7, is it really that hard to pay attention even a little bit?

– Gift cards or cash is not acceptable. Ever. That is just lazy. Unless of course you’re sending her for a spa day with three of her closest friends and picking up the tab.

– Unless she explicitly asks for something specific, never ever ever buy her products for the kitchen. Its emotionless, and thoughtless, and implies she belongs there. Unless of course its an awesome blender for making alcoholic bevies, like perhaps a Margaritaville.

– Promise rings. First of all, who over the age of 16 even know these things exist anymore. And we all know teenage boys just use these things to get into a girl’s pants. Second, unless your actually planning to put an engagement ring on finger in less than 60 days, these things are just a rude tease. They are not to be used as a way to get her to stop thinking about (and stop hinting for) a diamond.

– Just because she needs something, or even wants something, doesn’t mean she wants it from you for Christmas or any other special occasion. That sat nav she needs for her car, yeah, that’s only acceptable as a “just because” gift.

– If all of her current jewelry is silver, its best to steer clear of the gold counter. Choose wrong and it will show you don’t pay attention or don’t actually care about her preferences.

– Stay away from clothes. Yes, that includes lingerie. More often than not, you’ll buy something that’s too big, and we all know what argument that is going to start.

– Stuffed animals are not cool dude, not cool. Unless of course it talks and says, “Will You Marry Me?”

– Anything in a ring sized box is just out of the question. Re-box those earrings man.

I’ll leave you with this, a little thought goes a long way, and a little thoughtlessness will have you out on your ass in the cold by New Years.

The Game Plan

I have a confession. I’ve been super bad when it comes to eating well the past two days. Not sure what has gotten into me, I didn’t lose motivation, I just…I dunno. In any case, what we all know has proven true once again, its a lot easier to gain pounds than it is to lose them. And I’m back up to 137.4.

And while it sucks, that I’ve wasted the progress, it was a good kick in the ass and a reminder of how easily you can backslide. Of how just a day or two off track can set you back quite a bit. And that just like every healthy decision you make puts you one step closer to your goals, every unhealthy decision you make, keeps you one step further from it.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I can’t do this without a plan of action. I hadn’t wanted to have a regimen, cause thats kinda boring and restrictive, but time is getting close, and I need to make a lot of progress quickly in order to reach my goal.

I still stand by being a turtle in the long run, but I need to be a rabbit for the next few weeks. Just until I get down into the 120’s again, and that bridesmaid dress fits perfectly.

1. Drink mainly water and a minimum of 8 cups per day.

It has zero calories and carbs, and very little sodium. It jump starts your metabolism and helps flush         excess water weight.
2. Cut back on white bread, pasta and rice.

These foods cause bloating, especially around the tummy area. Also, they get digested quickly, which means you feel hungry faster, and there’s potential to overeat.

3. Do at least 30 mins of cardio a day.

Burn baby burn, calories that is.

4.  Do push ups, sit ups and lunges every other day.

These exercises help sculpt muscle which will give you a streamlined appearance.

5. Get an extra half hour of sleep per night.

The extra half hour can refresh you enough that you will make better  food choices, won’t feel lethargic or skip workouts.

6. Eat breakfast.

It helps increase your metabolism keep hunger down so you’ll snack less throughout the day.

7. Do jumping jacks during commercial breaks.

Burn more calories, instead of sitting on the couch.

8. No snacking after supper.

After supper snacking has more to do with boredom than hunger, and most of the time they aren’t healthy snack. Unnecessary calories.

I want those abs, and legs, and arms.

Do you have a get fit game plan??

Glossy Blonde

I’d Rather Be The Turtle

This isn’t my first time at the weight loss rodeo. I’ve been here a few times. All of which have been short lived. A healthy lifestyle binge followed with a quick downward spiral into the unhealthy lifestyle of which I had become accustomed. I choose not to think of those attempts as failures, but instead as learning experiences. Each one of them has taught me something about the goal, the challenge, the journey and about myself.

I’ve learned that losing weight isn’t easy. Keeping it off is even harder. It requires a true change of lifestyle. Some people can make the change almost overnight, but when I try to do that, I usually fall off the wagon pretty quickly.

I have learned that for me, its important to take time to adjust. To make small changes and take small steps towards improving myself. Its not about losing a bunch of weight quickly, its about being successful in the long run. Its about the big picture.

Every healthy decision I make, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction.

Its about saying no to a French Vanilla Cappuccino on Wednesdays (Tim Horton’s Day) at work.

Its about saying yest to another glass of water.

Its about three eggs instead of four in my omelet.

Its about doing one more Zumba video before I call it quits.

Its about light instead of regular mayo. Salad instead of fries.

Every seemingly little healthy decision I make, puts me just a little bit closer to reaching my goals.

I’ts like they say, “Slow and steady wins the race.” And I’m more than okay with being the turtle.