Winter “Wonderland”

I live in what apparently is the snow capital of Canada. Yesterday when I went to work we had zero flakes of the evil white stuff on the ground, but by this morning there was far too much of it lying around.

People, I am a morning person. There is nothing I hate more than getting up early, except for getting up early to shovel snow. This season has come far too fast as I was praying for at least another two weeks of “sleeping in.” And of course this would happen now, cause I sold my old snowblower since my dad bought me a new one (yes, I’m spoiled) but he hasn’t had a chance to bring it to me yet.

There are only two perks to shoveling snow:

One. Shoveling is exercise and definitely helps towards “Operation Not Be Chunky for Christmas” which I’ll be talking all about on Sunday for Sarah’s link-up.

Two. I get to rock my favorite winter hat. Hey, we gotta find the positive in things right??

Has winter struck your town yet??

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  1. We have the same name and you're Canadian. The obsession is real! Unfortunately I am from LA and go to school in San Francisco, so the only time I get a white Christmas is when we visit Seattle, Washington.. Oh how I wish I could dress like a cute snow bunny and not be judged

  2. I had to plow snow once, well I watched the boyfriend do it while I waited in the truck. I don't think I could ever live in a place where it snowed, my hat is off to you.

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