Losing My Virginity

I’ve been wanting to visit a Target for quite a while now. In fact I totally planned on going to one on my trip to Maine last year, but we didn’t manage our time very well and weren’t able to squeeze it in. I was pretty bummed out. Needless to say, I’ve been really looking forward to the roll out of the stores in Canada. And yesterday it FINALLY opened in my city. And I went there straight after work of course.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. A few of my family members visited stores in the good ol’ US of A and said they weren’t impressed and that it was nothing special. But so many people in Blogland seem to love it. I’m so sick of shopping at Wallyworld all of the time, that I had my fingers and toes crossed that my family was wrong, and all of the wonderful ladies I follow on Bloglovin’ were right.

The verdict: It was fantabulous!

I loved it. Really truly did. It was bright, and airy, and just really really pretty compared to Walmart. I’m a sucker for wide aisles, good lighting, and clean sight lines, and this store had all of it. I was in heaven as soon as I walked in, and that was before I laid my eyes on my favoritist place ever….Starbucks! Two awesome additions to my city on one day, color me happy.

Let’s talk clothes. The ladies department was a wee bit smaller than I would have hoped, but they packed in a really solid selection. The prices seemed to be pretty decent and the quality seemed good as well. I found a lot of things I really liked. There were so many pieces that were just the perfect mixture of stylish and professional. I took a few pics to share with you, but mostly so I could send my mom a few ideas of what Santa could bring me for Christmas.

If Starbucks and the clothing department weren’t enough to make this little shopaholic’s heart swell with glee, then it nearly burst out of my chest when I discovered the home decor. Unbelievable selection. So many pretty things, and such amazing prices. It had my bank account running scared.

This pretty baby is going to be a prop in my friend Debrah’s wedding pictures.

While I found so many things I wanted right then and there, I was able to keep myself under control, and managed to walk out the store only $60 poorer. With a Christmas gift and prop for Debrah’s wedding picture. Successful evening for sure!

The only downside was that I couldn’t find a shoe department. And that isn’t cool at all.

But don’t worry Target, I’ll be back, very very soon.

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  1. Oh myyyy I lived in Windsor for 5 years and totally know how you felt without a Target. Actually maybe not because I'm from the states so I grew up with it and then had it taken away :/ But I'm so happy that you have your very own! It is truly a wonderland!


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