Pardon my bug eyes.

It was a stormy stormy weekend here. Like REALLY stormy. I hadn’t been home in more than a month so I decided to go on Friday. It wasn’t a fun drive to say the least. It was very windy and it was raining hard. My poor little Civic was being bounced around the road by the wind. The rain was coming down so fast and hard that it looked like it was snowing. The dense fog made it impossible to use my high beams. Which meant that it was super hard to see where I was going. For a majority of the time I was only able to drive between 50-70kms, nowhere near the 90km speed limit. It was a long an stressful 4 hours. And I couldn’t have been happier to have finally made it home.

My mom was in Montreal last weekend where she found a gorgeous black bridesmaid dress for me to wear for my cousin’s wedding. So when I got home I grabbed the dress, got back in the car, and bravely made it to Debrah’s house to try it on. It was a small, so I was convinced that it wouldn’t fit. But it did. And I loved it. And I can’t show it to you yet, cause that’s bad luck and all. Yeah yeah, I know that’s the bride, but if I show you now, it will be pretty anticlimactic when I post pictures of the wedding.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing manual labor at my parents cabin. Because that’s the kind of stuff you need to do when the ‘rents are paying your rent. Plus, its probably about time I learn how to paint. Right of passage and what not. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t as enjoyable as my original plan would have been. But few things beat a day curled up on the couch with a good book. Amiright?

All in all it really wasn’t a very exciting weekend. Sorry I put you through that recap. But I did get the chance to take some time and come up with a few November Goals since I really enjoyed doing them in September. Obviously it made sense to skip October, the trip to Paris would have made it impossible to stay on track.

As I did in September, I’ll post updates on my progress every Friday.

Are you setting goals for yourself this month? If you are you should (hash)tag along on Twitter. #NovemberGoals #Goalvember

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