Carry On Essentials

Carry On Essentials

I’ve spent so much time flying the past few years I’ve become almost an expert when it comes to packing my carry on. I’ve learned all the things I absolutely need, and the things that aren’t worth the space.
I always traveled with my laptop, but once I got my iPad I hardly ever take my laptop in my carry on anymore. My iPad does most of the things my laptop does, weighs so much less, and doesn’t take up nearly as much space. Plus it doubles as an e-reader. 
I’m always cold. So a light blanket is an absolute must.
I always thought these travel pillows where the dorkiest looking things ever. I couldn’t imagine that they were comfortable or worth the money. But on one long trip across the country I broke down and bought one, and boy was I ever wrong about them. Definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made. Now I don’t travel without it. Short haul, long haul, car, plane, train, doesn’t matter, I take it.
The air on planes is always dry. Moisturizer is must. And I love Hempz. It smells nice, isn’t greasy, and dries super fast.
Lip balm, can’t travel without it.
I find that mascara is the easiest way to freshen up your look. A few swipes and you look rejuvenated. Also, I probably should have included some deodorant here as well. I definitely always have it packed in my carry on.
Cosmo is my go to travel magazine. So many different articles to keep me occupied.
And of course headphones. Earbuds just don’t cut it for long amounts of time. They hurt my ears. And these lovelies are great for reducing outside noise and let me focus on my inflight movie or my tunes. Plus, the person next to me is usually pleased that they reduce the noise the people around me can hear.
What are your carry on essentials?
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