Being Prepared

Yesterday I let you see a tidbit of my crazy. From time to time I get over come with anxiety. Its not unmanageable and doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does it can sometimes overshadow all the good, happy, positive things that are happening. I have a lot of anxiety about Paris, but I know most of it will melt away as soon as I get on that first plane. But since I’m not willing to wait until next Tuesday to be able to breath a little easier, I’ve been doing what I can to make myself feel a little better about some of my fears.

This past weekend I took a break from studying to put together my version of a travel first aid kit.

Sorry for the crappy iPhone pictures of the white container on the white sheets. Terrible bloggy decision.

I had a small container that once held Biore cleansing wipes. I’ve had it for years because once I used all the wipes I found the container was excellent for holding bobby pins and elastics. When I decided to make this kit, it was the perfect size, so I dumped all my hair accessories into a drawer and got to work.

1. Band aids. Because they’re a pretty obvious choice. pssst. wanna know a secret? One of them is a Batman band aid. Because I’m cool like that.

2. Blister bandages. Because with all the walking were planning to do, and blister or two is pretty much inevitable.

3. Muscle relaxers. I’ve got a back that likes to tense up and pain at the most inopportune times. These are for just in case that happens.

4. Gravol. Pretty sure this one needs no explanation. But I am hoping they’ll keep any motion sickness at bay, and maybe help me sleep on that super long flight across the Atlantic.

5. Ibuprofen. Because Shelley and I get terrible headaches.

6. Advil Cold & Sinus.

7. Forget what these little white and blue things are called. But I’m pretty sure they’re for indigestion, or another uncomfortable stomach ailment.

8. Tums.

9. Neosporin. Because you should always put the Poly on it. Or Neo, or whatever.

And after I took all these pictures I added a pack of cherry Halls for good measure.

Just the simple act of putting together a few items I had around the house, made me feel a lot better. I know that we are prepared if one of us isn’t feeling well. Knowing that for a short while we won’t have to navigate the aisles of a Pharmacy in a country where we don’t speak their language.

Do you have a first aid kit for travels? Whats in yours?

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  1. you were a little freaky yesterday! i wanted to write you and tell you to a) calm down, and b) that even if you eat or order something out of your comfort zone, sometimes that's how you end up tasting the most amazing things!! if i had never tried sushi (something that grossed me out) i would be the saddest human ever (now it's my favorite food) so think about it!

    anyway when i travel i make sure i have all the things you have AND if you get allergies BRING CLARITIN (or other allergy medecine. europe is the worst for that. i had a work trip to Rome once and i basically would have died if it wasn't for a fellow Canadian who hooked me up. i probably would have just died. they don't really have that kind of stuff there.

    plus blistex and those hair ties you chucked are things i always remember to put in the toiletry bag that also includes shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup, razer, facewash – oh and i always use makeup remover wipes! so handy to have! you might want to put those right in that little kit too, for the plane to freshen up!

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