The Post That Was Meant to Be

Note to self: To be a successful blogger, one must make sure to schedule posts for the correct date.

I had this post ready to go for Friday, but apparently I wasn’t quite paying attention when I scheduled it. So, I updated it a little and here it is. A short and sweet September Goals update.

ONE //  I’ve done pretty well with this one. I cheated last Saturday night with some pizza after a night of many Bud Lights. And I don’t feel at all bad about that because really, it was preventative measures. If a $5 slice of pizza saves me from a hangover, its worth the money and calories. I did however cave and grab some McDs for lunch on Friday. I forgot to pack my lunch. And the oatmeal I had in my lunch bag just was not gonna cut it.

TWO //  I did great on this one. The birthday gift I bought for my mom does not count.

THREE //  Yeaaaaah. Definitely was unsuccessful at this one. I only exercised once. But I made up for it on Saturday by helping my dad out with yard work around the cabin. Not as good as cardio, but still a healthier choice than lying on the couch watching HGTV.

FOUR //  I was 138 lbs when I set these goals and Friday morning I was 135.8. Not too shabby for someone who didn’t exercise at all. Very minor lifestyle changes have occurred, and things are moving in the right direction.

FIVE //  Most days I’ve done pretty well with my water intake. Some days I have to force myself to drink more, but all in all its going well…minus the bagillion trips to the ladies room.

SIX //  To be honest, I haven’t assessed this situation for a few days, mostly because I’m scared to look at the finances, but I’ve avoided the stores like the plague, so that means things should be looking better, right?

Did you set any goals this month? How are you doing with them? Hit up the comments and let me know.

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  1. Uh, way to go on your goals! I'm most impressed with the no shopping one. My no shopping goal goes something like this: don't make a purchase online during class. I stick to that pretty well 🙂

  2. I set goals for myself all of the time. But my follow through rate is terrible. That's why I put it up here for the everyone to see. I'm forcing myself to be accountable to the people who stop by this little piece of the web.

  3. The no shopping goal has been super difficult. Of course when I'm on a strict budget would be the exact time that all the stores have super cute clothes that I ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE. So, I avoid stores, its the only way to control my spending.

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