It’s Time for Weekend Shenanigans!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I love lists, for blog posts, and hate them for everything else.

And I’m really in the mood for a list today, because I’m kinda depressed that its Monday, and raining, and I just want a nap.

One – I spent the night eating pizza and hanging out on the couch watching Glee with my cousin and her daughter.

Two – And since little sis came home from school on Friday with lice, my head itched like crazy, and I got myself checked out. And then I checked out the cousins head, and proceeded to die her hair.

My “I’m scurrred I have lice” face.

Three – I woke up super early on Friday for Regatta, made my way down to the dock, stood around in the wind and rain, and waited for it to get cancelled due to Tropical Depression Gabrielle. And all I wanted to do was…

My Team: Loves It – Sponsored by Live. Breathe. Grow.


Four – After we were finalllly told that Regatta would not be going ahead, I went straight home, crawled back into bed, watched America’s Next Top Model and indulged in some Reese….mmmm.

Five – After I had a little nap, I got ready and headed out to the rowing social.

Loves It!

Six – And I ran into my long lost friend Kyle, who was home from Alberta and only in town for one night.

Seven – I wasn’t very spry on Sunday. Mostly due to lack of sleep and the insane amount of Bud Lights I drank the night before. The majority of the day was spent on the couch working on a new project, the details of which I can’t wait to share with you all tomorrow.

What did you do this weekend?

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