The Curse

As per usual, the minute I make up my mind to do some serious money saving, I get in the mood to do some serious shopping. Of course, with Paris being just more than a month away, I’ll have to do my best to refrain.
Therapy Thursday

I’ve been dreaming of owning a Burberry scarf for years. And these Tory Burch boots have been on my radar from the first day I discovered Pinterest and subsequently Polyvore. A pair of legit Ray Ban wayfarers would make me jump for joy. And don’t even get me started on Kate Spade. I’m basically in love with everything they have.

Tory Burch black leather boots
520 CAD –

Kate Spade black leather handbag
240 CAD –

Kate Spade bag
150 CAD –

Burberry shawl
425 CAD –

Ray-Ban black sunglasses
150 CAD –

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