I Believe…

 That 80’s movie marathons being the best way to spend a Sunday.
 In hockey and the Detroit Redwings.
 In Sidney Crosby.
That chick flicks are good for the soul.
In blogging whatever you want…as evidenced here.
When in doubt, overdress.

That your best friends are your soul mates.

In alcohol, specifically beer, tequila and peach bellinis.

That heels are the best way to make yourself look and feel better.

In being silly.

In spending too much time on Pinterest.

In never being too old to be students.

That mint chocolate chip ice cream makes every day better.

That the best way to drive is with the sunroof open and music up high.

That sometimes you just need to cry it out.

That snowboarding is heaven. Even when you fall down. Kind of.

And I believe in loving life, and living every minute of it.

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