Lazy Lazy

This was the first relaxing weekend I’ve had since my layoff. I spent it exactly the way I wanted to…flaked out on the couch watching tv. But I’m feeling pretty guilty because I was home visiting my parents and after all they’ve done for me, I should have been more helpful. My mom asked me to dust her furniture and sweep the floors, and I didn’t do it, for no other reason than when I am preoccupied with tv and being lazy, I forget about everything else. And that isn’t really fair, my parents work long hard days, and I should do as much as I can to help them out when I’m home.

But alas, as much as I am ashamed of my actions, or lack there of, I can’t change this past weekend, all I can do is make a conscious effort to do better in the future.

Alright, enough seriousness for this post. Lets move on.

one. I read the entire 50 Shades of Grey trilogy in one week. And I liked it. Honestly, I thought it was kinda hott.

two. In an extreme contrast to number one,  I watch ABC Family. Seriously, I PVR Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, and Baby Daddy. And I was super bummed out when The Lying Game was cancelled.

three. There’s a One Direction song on my iPod.

four. I dance around the house belting Spice Girls songs into my hairbrush.

five. I don’t shave my legs unless I’m going to be wearing shorts…or dragging a boy home from the bar obvs.

six. I like Nickelback.

seven. I’m seriously considering buying a pair of comfy Dr. Scholls from Naturalizer for walking around Paris.

eight. I don’t really like Twitter. gasp.

nine. The only time I make my bed is when I change the sheets, or I have company coming.

ten. I don’t think that all babies are cute. Some are downright ugly.

bonus. I’m back to being employed for three weeks. And I’m not thrilled about it. Paycheques are great. Having my tv watching interrupted sucks.

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  1. Here through the ad space giveaway! I like to take a look at the blogs in giveaways before I follow them and I felt compelled to reply to this post, haha. I haven't read 50 Shades and I don't think I'd like it, mostly because… I've read better sex on the Internet. I've WRITTEN better sex. Some about characters from Pretty Little Liars. See, 1 and 2, totally go together!

    (I have no shame about any of what I just said, by the way. Shame is for suckers.)

    I also share 3 (Kiss You is super catchy, and I'd probably have more songs by them if I bothered to listen to any), 5 and 10. But I don't know how you live with 9. I have to make my bed every day or I can't even function. Maybe if I weren't in my room all the time… but I'd probably be thinking about how my bed is unmade. I admit it, I'm a weirdo about tidiness. But then I suck at dusting and other such things, so it all evens out. Sort of.

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