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I’m a tv junkie. The past two days I’ve been on having a Teen Wolf marathon. Truth be told, before yesterday afternoon, I had never seen a single episode, and now I’m halfway through the second season. I’m not sure if its because the show is legitimately good or because Tyler Hoechlin is so freakin’ hot.
Anyways, thats my excuse for not posting yesterday. I mean, spending the entire day eyeballin’ hotties on tv is a good reason right?
If it isn’t I guess you’ll have to settle for “I’m sorry.” And for me making it up to you by sharing with you some of the Pinterest inspired decor from my aunt and uncle’s anniversary shindig. 
Some people complain that Pinterest has put unrealistic expectations into people’s minds about what parties, weddings, etc. should look like. And to some extent I would agree. But I also think its a great way for people to share ideas, help get those creative juices flowing, and motivate people to put a little more time and thought into things.
If I’m being honest, Pinterest has motivated me to make more of an effort. I want to do things that impress people. That when they leave an event I was involved in, they walk away talking about the great time they had, and how awesome the decor was. I guess thats why I suggested that we pay attention to the small things for our Fogo Island shenanigans.
This not particular pin that I can give credit to for this one. I guess you can say that it was loosely Pinterest based. My aunt and uncle had a buffet style dinner, so I suggested they have signs in front of the food items, so that people would know what they were. Obviously this wasn’t at all an original idea. But, I wanted them to kick it up a notch. So we did, with chalkboard easels. They looked great, and are reusable, which in my books is always a plus.
I bought Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint from Walmart for $22 and I bought 10 easels (with canvases) at Dollarama for $2 each. I put two coats of paint on each canvas and it took up hardly any of the paint so I have lots left over for other projects. It was super easy, and didn’t take too much time. I’d definitely recommend the project for all you overachievers out there.

Now for the part of the post you’ve all be anxiously waiting for I’m sure…

Therapy Thursday

One. Lately I’ve been feeling like I need a nice desktop for doing my bloggy stuff. It would be much better than my laptop for Photoshop type things.

Two. 99.9% of the pictures on this blog were taken with my iPhone. The other 0.1% were taken by someone else. I feel like I won’t be a real grown up blogger until I have a proper camera. Plus, sometimes it would be nice to take pictures of things even without the purpose of putting them up here.

Three. I’ve been wanting a Silhouette Cameo since pretty much the first day I discovered Pinterest. There are just too many cool projects I could do with it. Especially now with all this free time on my hands.

Four. I like jewelry and I’d love to make my own. A metal stamping kit would come in handy.

Five.  It just wouldn’t be Therapy Thursday without at least one fashion related item. I’ve been swooning over this Journey bracelet from Ashley Bridget for a few weeks. I know a lot of the time anchors symbolize religion and God for some people. Like being anchored to Christ. But for me the bracelet is more about paying tribute to where I come from. My father works at sea. As do most of my family. The anchor symbolizes my connection to them. And well, who doesn’t love a good nautical piece.

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