With Love

Wow! There are a lot of crazy fanatic Bachelor/Bachelorette fans out there. I’ve never really gotten into the show. I don’t ever watch it unless I’m super bored and there’s nothing else on tv. And well, I don’t really need to with all the people out there blowing up my Twitter feed with updates during the 20 hour finale. Here’s looking at you Erin.

My family is awesome. I really couldn’t ask for a more supportive group of people to have in my corner. But every once in a while they say things that would make it seem otherwise. Which leads us to…

When helping me move into my apartment: “I’m willing to bet your ass doesn’t fit into 90% of the jeans in this closet anymore.”

When walking behind me at the mall: “You really should stick to wearing heels. When you wear flats, your ass looks to close to the floor.”

When my boss gave me a $150 Christmas bonus: “Wow. Do your knees hurt?”

When talking about the fact that I’m an emotional person and would probably cry at my future wedding: “Yeah, you’re not a pretty crier. You should probably not actually have a wedding.”

When I was getting ready to go for a walk: “Maybe you should go for a run instead. Those pants are looking a little tight.”

Does your family ever say less than awesome things to you? With love of course.

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  1. OMG my family is always saying stuff. I swear they speak first and think later, lots of apologizing and super emotional people in my family. But I love them all the same<3

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