Annnd I’m Super Late…

With this post…not other things…don’t panic.

Welcome to the world’s longest, randomest post ever. Kudos to those of you who can keep up.

First. Being busy really effs with my healthy eating. I spent yesterday running around getting things ready for my mini vacay to Fogo Island. Okay, not running obviously, but driving around in my little Honda Civic aka The Civ aka Lola. Yes, I named my car, all the cook kids are doing it. Anyways, thats not the point.

The point is that during my being super busy, I decided to make a convenient choice for lunch. The McDonald’s at Walmart. Two birds with one stone you see. Anyways, when I walked in I saw this sign…

And then I saw this sign….

So basically all they had available were fries. I wanted an Oreo McFlurry bitches.

Moving on…

I decided that instead of driving all the way to Fogo myself, I would carpool with my mom and aunt. Cause really why drive when I can nap, or sit in the back planning blog posts, right. We agreed to meet at a motel in Deer Lake (a 45 minute drive from my apartment) where I could leave my car and hop aboard with them. The plan was for me to go to rowing practice, then head straight from there to our meeting point, to meet them at 8. They didn’t arrive until 9. Which meant I spent an hour, in my car, in a motel parking lot, looking like a loser, being the subject of many questioning stares, and playing Angry Birds. Shit got old reeeal fast. And a happy camper I was not.

Speaking of campers, have you seen the Camp Gyno video? I kept seeing in pop up on twitter, and had zero clue what it was about until Kate wrote a post about it yesterday. Thanks Kate! Cause that shit is seriously funny. It was a bright moment in my rainy day.

But then, right after I watched that shizz we nearly hit a moose! My mom slammed on the brakes and let me tell you slippery material pants + leather seats = terrible combination. My ass nearly went sliding off the edge of the seat, even with my trusty seatbelt on. Scary stuff.

Thanks for sticking around to read all this mumble jumble…see you tomorrow for Therapy Thursday!

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