Polyvore is becoming an obsession. I find tons and tons of outfits that I’m in love with. Every time I type the url in to my browser my credit card gets nervous. Theres just sooo many cute things on there.

Its no secret that I love to shop, that I love clothes and shoes, and that I’ll never have enough. I like to think that I’m got pretty good style, but sometimes I need a little help coming up with ideas. I love walking into a store and seeing a great outfit on a mannequin. If I love it, I’ll probably buy the entire thing, or at least keep it in mind and create my own version of it. Polyvore is alot like a digital mannequin or like admiring someone elses outfit from afar. I get to cruise the different posts, find outfits I like, and easily find out where to buy the pieces.

coral and aqua

This outfit is bright and sophisticated. Perfect for a summer night out. I’m really loving the scalloped top. The color is fabulous, and the detail is fun yet classy.

Business Attire.

I’m not loving the jeans in this compilation, but they could be easily switched out for something without an elastic waist. This outfit is very well put together. It would be great for work. And the teal shoes add little punch of color and fun.

Evening Glam

Is it becoming terribly obvious that I love blazers? Because I do. But what I’m really loving about this outfit is the bling! Hello glittery tank. I think you would look lovely in my closet.

Summer country outfit

This outfit screams tailgate party/outdoor concert. Its a great way to look put together but that your ready to let loose at the same time. I pride myself on being a girl who is just as comfortable all dressed up in heels as I am in casual clothes. Unfortunately just because I’m comfortable, doesn’t mean I’m one of those girls who looks bangin’ when I’m dressed down. But, I’m pretty sure an outfit like this would fix that problem a little. Its a little badass and girly at the same time.

Puffer Vest & Boots

I know fall isn’t here yet, but I couldn’t resist sharing this one. Its warm and cozy, yet extremely well put together. I love it when you can wear a hoodie and still rock some stellar pieces like those boots and pearl earrings. Can’t beat an outfit in which you can be super comfortable and not look like a slob.

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