A Wedding Weekend

When my grandmother passed away in 2006, my mom and her siblings decided to have mini family reunions every two years to ensure that they would all stay in touch and not go too long without seeing one another. It hasn’t been too hard for them to keep that promise in the past few years, because there have been a few weddings happening. Last year we celebrated my cousin Amanda’s wedding, and this past weekend it was my cousin Justin’s turn. We don’t have any weddings coming up next year, and well if they have to wait for mine to reunite, they could be waiting a while.

Prepare for picture overload…

Lovely day for a wedding.

Danielle was an insanely beautiful bride.

The happy couple with Justin’s mom’s family.

The happy couple with the best fam jam ever. My aunts and uncles. From left to right: Ben, Rod, Anne, Susan, Gen (my mom), Terry, Andre, Deb, Will, Millicent, and Von.
Even the kids had a great time. See those sprinklers.
Myself and the lovely Amanda
Me and my Great Aunt Sis. The wildest party animal I know.

Cute gift the couple received from one of the bride’s friends. Consider this idea stolen.

 Family brunch the day after the wedding.
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  1. We are spread out all across the country, so its awesome that everyone makes the effort to get together. We always have a fantastic time.

    Her dress was amazing! She was stunning.

  2. So bummed I couldn't be there!! I haven't been back in three years, so hopefully I can make it to the next reunion. I still think its funny how we literally need a huge shed for everyone to have a meal together. Also, I can't believe how tall Drew and Jake are! Time flies. Glad you had a fun time! xo

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