A Bloggy Idea

One of the hardest things about blogging is finding ways to get traffic to your little piece of the dot com. Sure, some of us like to pretend that traffic is no big deal, and that we don’t care if we get 10 visits or 1,000. But the truth is whats the point of writing if no one gets to see it.

Its pretty much a no brainer that one of the easiest ways to get your blog out there is to advertise on other blogs. But that can get expensive…fast. So I’ve been thinking for a while that there has got to be away for us beginner bloggers to help each other out. For that reason I’m offering $1 spots on my sidebar. I wanted to offer them for free but PassionFruit was havin’ none of that. The ads actually cost me $1.33, so after they’re purchased I’m still paying $0.33 out of my own pocket for every spot. Pretty sure thats a hard deal to beat.

Also, I’m offering free weekend guest post spots for anyone who is interested.

Now, I bet you’re all wondering what I get out of offering free & super cheap advertising for your blogs. All I ask is that if you purchase ad space or do a guest post spot that you link back to my blog and tell your readers about it. Or if you’re feeling as generous as I am, offer me the same deal on your blog.



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