Therapy Thursday

When you live in an apartment its easy to have a “this is only temporary” mindset. Many times this way of thinking means you won’t personalize the space to make it your own.

When I moved home from Alberta, I spent the first seventeen months living out of two bedrooms in the basement of my cousins house. She was pretty good about letting me hang things on the wall, but I really tried to keep the decorating to a minimum because I didn’t want to put a ton of nail holes in her walls and our decorating styles are pretty different.

So, when I moved into my new apartment, I made the decision to get rid of my “temporary” approach to things. I’m nowhere near being in the position to buy my own home, so this temporary place could be my home for a few years. So, I plan to decorate it as if I owned it. Obviously its a task that’s going to take a bit of time to complete, since I’m on a pretty tight budget and all.

My favorite part of summer is chillin’ outside with my family and friends. Soaking up the sun, drinking a few beers, BBQing or having a backyard fire. And because of that most of my decorating dreaming has been about turning my rented backyard into a comfortable place to hang out.

I love the sleek clean look of the Toulon collection from Crate and Barrel. The grey furniture with white cushions would allow me to switch up the colors I want to use in my decor easily, without having to change my furniture, which is super important because that shizz is expensive. I’d want at least four chairs and a couple ottomans. And we can’t forget the chaises. I’d want two of them for soaking up some rays.

I’m not much of a fan of eating outside, bugs around my food bother me. So, I would forgo the dining table in favor of some cute side tables and a coffee table.

I’m hoping to have a mixture of modern and bright colored flower pots.

I love lighting candles outside at dusk so I’ve picked out a few different styles of lanterns that would be great for giving of a bit of light and creating ambiance.

I want a few bright patterned pillows to infuse some color into the space and give the look of even more comfort.

And if I was lucky enough to have a deck, which I am not, I would definitely throw in a bright patterned rug to soften the space.


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