Weekend Shennanies

As per usual my weekend was more relaxing that eventful. And I in true terrible blogger fashion I didn’t take many pictures.
My Fahja bought a new CanAm sidexside last week so I made him take me for a spin. It was super dusty and I looked Like I had some seriously grey hair when I got home.  And gotta love those lovely lines on my forehead. I’ve had em since I was like 12. But still.

 Megs and I went out for a little while Saturday night. I introduced her to the CamMe app. 
Craig was not very impressed to be sitting in the back of the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Zero leg room sucks. Not that I would know. I claimed shotgun pretty fast.

All the smoke from Quebec and Labrador. Makes the sun look super weird and orange. This picture just doesn’t show it well.

What shennanies did you partake in?

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