Polyvore is becoming an obsession. I find tons and tons of outfits that I’m in love with. Every time I type the url in to my browser my credit card gets nervous. Theres just sooo many cute things on there.

Its no secret that I love to shop, that I love clothes and shoes, and that I’ll never have enough. I like to think that I’m got pretty good style, but sometimes I need a little help coming up with ideas. I love walking into a store and seeing a great outfit on a mannequin. If I love it, I’ll probably buy the entire thing, or at least keep it in mind and create my own version of it. Polyvore is alot like a digital mannequin or like admiring someone elses outfit from afar. I get to cruise the different posts, find outfits I like, and easily find out where to buy the pieces.

coral and aqua

This outfit is bright and sophisticated. Perfect for a summer night out. I’m really loving the scalloped top. The color is fabulous, and the detail is fun yet classy.

Business Attire.

I’m not loving the jeans in this compilation, but they could be easily switched out for something without an elastic waist. This outfit is very well put together. It would be great for work. And the teal shoes add little punch of color and fun.

Evening Glam

Is it becoming terribly obvious that I love blazers? Because I do. But what I’m really loving about this outfit is the bling! Hello glittery tank. I think you would look lovely in my closet.

Summer country outfit

This outfit screams tailgate party/outdoor concert. Its a great way to look put together but that your ready to let loose at the same time. I pride myself on being a girl who is just as comfortable all dressed up in heels as I am in casual clothes. Unfortunately just because I’m comfortable, doesn’t mean I’m one of those girls who looks bangin’ when I’m dressed down. But, I’m pretty sure an outfit like this would fix that problem a little. Its a little badass and girly at the same time.

Puffer Vest & Boots

I know fall isn’t here yet, but I couldn’t resist sharing this one. Its warm and cozy, yet extremely well put together. I love it when you can wear a hoodie and still rock some stellar pieces like those boots and pearl earrings. Can’t beat an outfit in which you can be super comfortable and not look like a slob.

A Wedding Weekend

When my grandmother passed away in 2006, my mom and her siblings decided to have mini family reunions every two years to ensure that they would all stay in touch and not go too long without seeing one another. It hasn’t been too hard for them to keep that promise in the past few years, because there have been a few weddings happening. Last year we celebrated my cousin Amanda’s wedding, and this past weekend it was my cousin Justin’s turn. We don’t have any weddings coming up next year, and well if they have to wait for mine to reunite, they could be waiting a while.

Prepare for picture overload…

Lovely day for a wedding.

Danielle was an insanely beautiful bride.

The happy couple with Justin’s mom’s family.

The happy couple with the best fam jam ever. My aunts and uncles. From left to right: Ben, Rod, Anne, Susan, Gen (my mom), Terry, Andre, Deb, Will, Millicent, and Von.
Even the kids had a great time. See those sprinklers.
Myself and the lovely Amanda
Me and my Great Aunt Sis. The wildest party animal I know.

Cute gift the couple received from one of the bride’s friends. Consider this idea stolen.

 Family brunch the day after the wedding.
Sami's Shenanigans

Sand & Sun

This summer is turning to out to be one of the best I’ve had in quite a few years (minus the unemployment, obviously). I’ve been super busy and having a lot of fun. Next week I’m heading to the itty bitty island of Fogo for my aunt and uncle’s 40th wedding anniversary. I’m really looking forward to being surrounded by family, meeting new people, and partying it up with my cousin and her friends. I’m also looking forward to heading to Fogo’s gorgeous beach. And since I don’t get much beach time, at all, I may have went a little overboard dreaming of things I would own if I lived in a place where I could visit the beach on the reg.

Therapy Thursday - Beach Bags

If there’s one thing you should know about me if we are going anywhere together, its that I like to over pack. I’m a girl who needs options. Getting ready to head to the beach is no different. I don’t want to have to use the same bag every day. What we’ll be doing when we get there, how long we’ll be there, or if we will be making other stops besides the beach, all have to be taken into consideration. If we’re going all day, I’ll need a bigger bag so that I can take a few snacks, magazines, frisbees, etc. And if we’re going to do a little shopping, I’ll want a smaller bag so I don’t have to carry around a large tote.

If I’m heading to the beach a few days in a row, I need more than one towel. Obviously its nice to switch things up. But mostly, that thing is gonna get dirty and sweaty, and the thought of using one a second day without washing it, is kinda nasty. And we all know that I’m not big on doing laundry any more often than absolutely necessary. And if they all rolled up as neat and tidy as the Roxy, that would be fantastic.

Much like towels, there are hygienic reasons why more than one suit is a definite plus for beach goers. But if we’re being honest, I’m mostly for having lots of options, cause suits are still fashion. And I like to look good. And I don’t want the beach hotties to see me in the same thing over and over. That would just suck.

What would you take to the beach?

Link up and share the things you’d love to splurge on for the beach, your closet, your house…

Because I’m Feeling Less Than Inspired…

I think one of the most difficult things about being laid off, besides the impending unemployment, lack of paycheques, and uncertainty about the future, is having to work through your two weeks of notice.

Here in Newfoundland employers are required to give employees two weeks notice of lay off. What this means is that once you get your notice, you are entitled to two more weeks of pay. Sometimes employers expect you to work during this time, and other times, they waive the notice, pay you out, and send you on your merry way.

My employer expects me to work. And it sucks. Seriously, as if getting up early in the morning for work isn’t hard enough on a regular morning, take it from me, its eleventy billion times harder when your employment is coming to an end. Its hard to motivate yourself to do things to insure a positive future for a company that’s letting you go. I keep having to force myself to do more than the bare minimum.

This lack of motivation is starting to spill over into my ‘tude towards everything. Hence why this post is so damn depressing and unoriginal. But at least I posted something, right?

Without further ado, currently I’m…

Eating – Silver Hills Bakery Mack’s Flax Bread with Crofter’s Organic Apricot Spread. I’m not someone who eats super healthy grained bread or organic food on the reg. But when I visited Shell Bell this is what she ate, and my white bread lovin’ self decided to suck it up and eat her rabbit food so that she wouldn’t spend more money on groceries just for me. And well, as much as I hate to admit this, I really liked it. So when I got home I took my ass to the store and bought some.

Drinking  – A French Vanilla Cappuccino from Timmies

Purchasing – Bahahaha….given the pending unemployedness I won’t be doing much purchasing for a while.

Looking forward to – My cousin is getting married this weekend, which means dancing and booze, obviously. It also means a mini family reunion. Can’t wait to see these faces…

Watching – Obviously since I’m at work I’m not watching anything at this exact moment. But I can’t wait for the next episode of Rookie Blue. Seriously, I’m obsessed. Its not your typical cop show, its more like the Grey’s Anatomy of police shows. And if you’ve never watched it, you should start. But I would suggest starting from the beginning. Rookie Blue marathon anyone?

Loving – This pins from Pinterest

Listening to – Runnin’ Outta Moonlight – Randy Houser. This song makes me happy.

Reading – I’ve been reading the Beautiful Bastards trilogy. I’ve got two out of three read and I would have the third read by now if I wasn’t doing the whole saving money thing.

Craving – Pepsi. Its my go to guilt food.

Feeling – Unsure and uneasy. About life. About what to do next.

A Bloggy Idea

One of the hardest things about blogging is finding ways to get traffic to your little piece of the dot com. Sure, some of us like to pretend that traffic is no big deal, and that we don’t care if we get 10 visits or 1,000. But the truth is whats the point of writing if no one gets to see it.

Its pretty much a no brainer that one of the easiest ways to get your blog out there is to advertise on other blogs. But that can get expensive…fast. So I’ve been thinking for a while that there has got to be away for us beginner bloggers to help each other out. For that reason I’m offering $1 spots on my sidebar. I wanted to offer them for free but PassionFruit was havin’ none of that. The ads actually cost me $1.33, so after they’re purchased I’m still paying $0.33 out of my own pocket for every spot. Pretty sure thats a hard deal to beat.

Also, I’m offering free weekend guest post spots for anyone who is interested.

Now, I bet you’re all wondering what I get out of offering free & super cheap advertising for your blogs. All I ask is that if you purchase ad space or do a guest post spot that you link back to my blog and tell your readers about it. Or if you’re feeling as generous as I am, offer me the same deal on your blog.



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Therapy Thursday

When you live in an apartment its easy to have a “this is only temporary” mindset. Many times this way of thinking means you won’t personalize the space to make it your own.

When I moved home from Alberta, I spent the first seventeen months living out of two bedrooms in the basement of my cousins house. She was pretty good about letting me hang things on the wall, but I really tried to keep the decorating to a minimum because I didn’t want to put a ton of nail holes in her walls and our decorating styles are pretty different.

So, when I moved into my new apartment, I made the decision to get rid of my “temporary” approach to things. I’m nowhere near being in the position to buy my own home, so this temporary place could be my home for a few years. So, I plan to decorate it as if I owned it. Obviously its a task that’s going to take a bit of time to complete, since I’m on a pretty tight budget and all.

My favorite part of summer is chillin’ outside with my family and friends. Soaking up the sun, drinking a few beers, BBQing or having a backyard fire. And because of that most of my decorating dreaming has been about turning my rented backyard into a comfortable place to hang out.

I love the sleek clean look of the Toulon collection from Crate and Barrel. The grey furniture with white cushions would allow me to switch up the colors I want to use in my decor easily, without having to change my furniture, which is super important because that shizz is expensive. I’d want at least four chairs and a couple ottomans. And we can’t forget the chaises. I’d want two of them for soaking up some rays.

I’m not much of a fan of eating outside, bugs around my food bother me. So, I would forgo the dining table in favor of some cute side tables and a coffee table.

I’m hoping to have a mixture of modern and bright colored flower pots.

I love lighting candles outside at dusk so I’ve picked out a few different styles of lanterns that would be great for giving of a bit of light and creating ambiance.

I want a few bright patterned pillows to infuse some color into the space and give the look of even more comfort.

And if I was lucky enough to have a deck, which I am not, I would definitely throw in a bright patterned rug to soften the space.


Okay. Okay.

You know that feeling you get when you watch a really great tv show? The one where you feel like you know all the characters as if they were real people in your life. The one that when the episode ends you feel lost and unsure of what you’ll do to keep yourself from obsessing until the next episode.

Yeah. I get that. Really really really bad. When I decided to get caught up on Rookie Blue, I watched every episode from the first three seasons in less than a week. And then, because there was no new episode for the fourth season that week, I watched them all over again.

Clearly, I have a problem.

And if you think that’s bad, let me just tell you that I’m just as bad or worst when it comes to books. Yep. I am a reader. Seriously, its probably the best way to wind down before bedtime, unless you’re like me, and get so into a book that you decide to put off sleep as long as possible, which could easily mean 3 or 4am on a work night.

I read the complete Twilight Saga less than two weeks. During that time I hardly slept or ate. I lived for the free moments in my day when could pick up the book again. Lunch hours, yeah, they weren’t used for eating. And dinner definitely didn’t happen until I was so hungry my stomach couldn’t take it anymore.

I live for lazy Sunday’s when I can do absolutely nothing but curl up on the couch with a good book. And recently I did exactly that. With this book…

And it was amazing. I loved it. I picked it up, and didn’t put it down until I was done. Not joking.

I had heard it was great, but I had no idea how true it was. My only complaint is that no one warned me about the tears that would inevitably be streaming down my face.

Everything in this book: the characters, the story, the words, they all have the power to be an inspiration. If you haven’t read it, I suggest to take the chance.

Like any other book, there’s the possibility for it to be a hit or a miss. Perhaps you’ll love it, perhaps it just won’t be your kind of book. If its a miss, then you’ll say its not worth the hype. But if its a hit, man, it hits hard.

I could go into a lot of detail about why this book was a major hit for me, but to do that I’d have to use some major spoilers, and I’d hate to ruin even a little bit of it for any of you. Because you should read it. You really really should. Regardless of whether or not its a hit or miss for you, you’ll undoubtedly take something wonderful away from it. Its just that kind of book.

So go buy it, right now.

P.S. Once you’ve read the book, you’ll understand the title of this post.


I had the most amazing weekend.


We packed up my cousins camper Friday after work and towed it to the Salmon Festival campground. As soon as we got settled the party began. And it didn’t end until we packed up to come back home yesterday afternoon.

Salmon Fest is the one huge event in our province. People come from everywhere, and they’ll show up in anything. Not our camper. But its no trouble to tell that these people know how to party.

 Chad and I. Don’t I look pleased. Haha.
Me and the lovely Rhonda.

Salmon Fest his held the second weekend of July every year. I’ve got my fingers crossed that its changed next year so that I can go. My friend Sarah’s wedding is the same weekend so as of right now, it looks like I’ll be missing the concert next year :(.
Sami's Shenanigans

High Five for Friday!

I’ve never done a High Five for Friday link-up with Lauren before. But its never too late to start taking time to reflect on your week (or life) and acknowledge all of the things, people, and experiences you are blessed with and so thankful to have.

1. Two of my favorite people just landed in Newfoundland. Can’t wait to spend time with the!

2. Love getting to spend quality cuddle time with these gorgeous munchkins.

3. BBQs with my wonderful extended family. They’re the craziest, funniest, most supportive, down to earth, amazing people that I know.

4. Customers who appreciate your service so much they bring you a wonderful Iced Capp from Timmies. Its great to feel appreciated.

5. Thankful for still being allowed to wear heels for the time being. Flat feet you can kiss my azz. I’ll be rocking my new Aldo’s all weekend.

  photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png
And now its time to….
It’s #backthatazzup Friday!

The purpose: To start our weekend with some fantastic jams.
The station that inspired it: “Back That Azz Up” on Pandora Radio.
The rules: Link your jams up at I Wore Yoga Pants and have a jam sesh with all of us!

This song just makes me want to find a beach, a beer and a lawn chair. And do absolutely nothing but lay in the sun all day long.

Parisian Style

I would love to be able to go to Paris and be one hundred percent fashion forward. Nice trousers, gorgeous blouses and to die for shoes. Unfortunately, I can only take it so far. At some point I have to sacrifice style for practicality and comfort. For that reason I need to come up with some creative footwear ideas that will look great, not stand out as being “American” or “Canadian” and be super comfortable, especially with my flat feet diagnosis, since we’ll be spending all day every day on our feet walking around the city.

So what does a style savvy traveler do in a situation like this? Google acceptable footwear of course. And Google I did. I learned that, thankfully, Parisians are slowly coming around to the idea of sneakers/runners/kicks. However, they only wear casual styles and do not wear white. Apparently white is a tip of the you’re American (or in my case Canadian) and makes you a target for pick pockets and thiefs. 

Therapy Thursday

With all that edumacation fresh in my brain I’ve been looking for some suitable options. I’m not sure which route I should go, and really wish I had an unlimited supply of moula and no baggage limit for my flights. I could just buy em all instead of having to choose.

But, I’m leaning towards the all black pair of Lacoste in the upper left corner because of their solid color. They’ll go with just about any outfit.

What pair do you think I should choose? Suggestions and other options would be appreciated.

$135 – zalando.co.uk

New balance footwear
$120 – youheshe.com