My Freakin’ Weekend

Even though its taken me a few days to blog about it, I had an awesome weekend. It was pretty chill. And I got to spend it with some great people.

Friday I hung out with Rosalie and Victoria. We watched Glee and I dyed Rosa’s hair.

Saturday was spent being super lazy. I slept in and watched tv. I spent the evening at Pete and Suzanne’s with the extended fam jam. We were treated to homemade Thai and Greek pizza. Yum! I had the most adorable face sitting next to me. And enjoyed some rootbeer in a Guinness glass.

It was Oli’s cousin’s birthday. So he gave her a bunch of cupcakes. But I’m pretty sure they were mostly for him. He licked the icing off the candle and then dug right into the mini cupcakes.

Eventually he decided that mini cupcakes just weren’t cutting it and devoured a big one. Looks to me like he just couldn’t get enough. Seriously though, isn’t that face the cutest.
I even got to spend some quality cuddle time with my little buddy Jesse who’s five months old and still so tiny. And look at those big eyes! He’s such a pleasant little guy. I kinda wanted to steal him.

After supper I hung out with my friend George. We grabbed milkshakes at McD’s and did loser laps around town in his car. That is until the King of Pranks spotted a friends car at a hotel and decided to have a little fun. Vaseline under the door handles lead to a sticky situation for Deborah and Terrence in the morning 🙂
Sunday was Victoria’s 10th birthday. So we had a BBQ and yummy cake. She’s a kid who’s like a little old woman, so I gave her a cute little tea pot for David’s Tea, and some Red Velvet tea for her to try. And I did a pretty good job with the gift wrapping if I do say so myself.
I finished off the weekend by watching Letters to Juliet for the first time. Loved it!

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