Day 17: My Modelling Days

Day 17 of the Challenge requires me to share my favorite photo of myself which was super easy because you see once upon a time I was a model…okay thats a lie. I’m camera shy. Like very. I’m the one in the picture who’s always blinking or has that weird awkward smile.
So it really was easy to pick my favorite photos of me because there are so few good ones to choose from.

I love this one because its the most modelly (not a word) picture of me. Plus you have to love an outdoor shot. And the colors of my clothes ended up working out great.

I love this one for a number of reasons. One, it has my bff Sarah in it. Sarah and I have taken alot of pictures together. 99% of them are kinda horrible. And everyone needs at least one good pic of them and their bestie right? Two, my skin is in good shape for a change. My eyes look awesome. And no awkward smile.

This one might be my favorite. It combines a lot of things about me. My love of fashion (note the blue suede heels and pencil skirt), my love for being spontaneous, and my love for being weird.

Day 15: A day in the life…

For Day 15 of Blog Every Day in May I’m supposed to share what a typical day in my life looks like. I’m gonna apologize in advance, most days aren’t all that exciting or interesting around here.

My day starts with me forcing myself out of bed somewhere between 7 and 7:30. And if we’re being honest, most days its a lot closer to 7:30.

Then I check the Weather Network to see what conditions the day has in store for me. Mostly to help me figure out what to wear.

Then I rush around getting dressed, brushing my teeth, and doing something with my hair (most days my go to style is a sock bun, cause its quick and I don’t have time for anything else).

Then I pick out a pair of awesome shoes.

Apparently I like gold. I swear I have more color options.

Then I dart out the door and drive to work. Have to be there for 8.

Where I sneak to the bathroom to apply make up, cause there wasn’t enough time to do it at home.

Wednesdays are Tim Horton’s day at work. My boss brings me a muffin and a French Vanilla Cappuccino. Its a great way to start Hump Day.

Then its time to get down to business. I spend the day taking customer orders, updating costs…basically spend the day staring at Excel spreadsheets.

After work I hang out with friends as often as possible. Take it from me, its a much better way to spend your time than chillin’ at home alone. Except when Erika and I head to the mall to get a Chocolate Orange tea at David’s Tea. Because that usually ends up with some shopping, and dreaming, and purchasing.
I bought the shirt. The rest are things I’m saving for. And yes, I do take pictures of myself trying on clothes.

And then I like to relax with some wine (sometimes in the bathtub).

And to wind down, I do what I love the most. Read.
My current read. Loving this trilogy.

How do you spend your day?

Day 14: Those 10 Things

I’m the type of person who has high standards, and high expectations, but I’m not hard to please (if that makes any kind of sense). So it wasn’t too hard to complete this part of the challenge. These 10 things make me happy.

Family. I’m blessed.
The view from the top of a mountain near our campsite at Two Lakes, Alberta a few years ago. Amazing.
The outdoors. Especially at the cabin or camping.
Music. Especially blasting my favorite songs in the car and belting them out without a care in the world.
Books. Give me a blanket, a comfy couch, and a good book, and I’m set.
Starbucks Caramel Macchiato. I’ve been craving one soo bad lately.
Camp fires.
Cuddles. The worst part about being a single lady is the lack of these.
Being independent. I do pretty well on my own. I can shovel, mow the lawn, use a hammer…if only I could cuddle myself.

Day 12: What I miss

Day 12 of Blog Every Day in May requires me to share with you the things I miss.

I miss my Nan, and my Pop, and my Uncle. All of whom I lost before I was 20, and sadly I have no pictures on my computer to share. They were all wonderful people who loved me, and whom I loved very much. I think of them all often. I try to be a person they all would have been proud of.
I also miss being in my early twenties. It was a great time in my life, but I wish I had been a little more adventurous instead of jumping right into a career. Now, when its time for me to act like a grown up, I can’t do anything crazy like run off to Florida to work at Disney (yeah, I always wanted to do that).
I miss my friends in Alberta, because they’re the friends I chose (not the ones I had because I grew up in a small town). They’re the people in this world who understand me the best, because we have so much in common. Megan, Sarah, Monica, Alisha and you too Tracey. I love you all and can’t wait to see you all again.
Turns out most of my pictures of me and my friends were taken while under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol. 

Weekend (not quite) Shenanigans

My weekend wasn’t crazy exciting. But I had a great time. Sometimes low key is exactly what I need.

1. I survived a dreary Friday with a Caramel Macchiatto from Brewed Awakening. Its no Starbucks. But there’s no Starbucks here, so whats a girl to do?

2. Went home Friday night to discover I had a few visitors. Four of these Motha F’s were in the entrance way to my apartment. Jumping towards the door no less. It was interesting trying to come and go without letting them inside.

3. Because I’m a procrastinator I had to do a little last minute shopping for Megan’s graduation gift. This is not what I bought her, but I love it. And I will own it. Hint Hint Mommy Dearest. I love 80’s music. And I LOVE Cyndi Lauper.

4. I got to visit my friend Dana and her four awesome kiddos. I did manage to get one pic of Mr. Handsome. But his sisters were gone to bed before I was able to get any of them.

5. Best thing about living in Newfoundland and having a Daddy who’s a fisherman….seafood. We celebrated Mother’s Day with fresh, straight from the ocean, lobsters.

6. Unfortunately the weather kinda sucked all weekend. Not a fan of the dreary, rainy, foggy days.

It was Megan’s nursing grad this weekend, so I visited her and her family to help celebrate. I had to drive so I had to limit myself to two Bud Light Platinum (Yum) early in the evening, and then coke for the rest of the night. It was a great night, with great people, and we had a ton of laughs.

***The shirt I’m wearing is one of my favorites. I got it at Garage. And since I loved it so much, I bought it in two other colors. And I’m pretty sure I might get one or two more. 🙂

And when I thought the weekend couldn’t get any better, it did. We found out that Fleetwood Mac will be performing while we are in Paris. You better believe that we are going to that concert!

What Shenanigans did you partake in? Link up at Sami’s Shenanigans.

It’s #BackThatAzzUp Friday

Yes people,its Friday again, and yes this is going to become a thing. Every Friday I’m going to be linking up with Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants for #BackThatAzzUp Friday.

I’m all kinds of happy over here in my little piece of blogland. Yes, because its Friday, and the weekend is starting. Its the freakin’ weekend baby, I’m about to have me some fun. And also because my bff is celebrating her graduation from nursing school! Go Megan!

We’ve been best friends our entire lives and I’m stoked that I get to help her celebrate this huge milestone. #Love

But hey, just cause we’re both finally graduating and becoming adults, doesn’t mean we are old. So this one’s for you Megs.

#backthatazzup Friday!

The purpose: To start our weekend with some fantastic jams.
The station that inspired it: “Back That Azz Up” on Pandora Radio.
The rules: Link your jams up @ I Wore Yoga Pants and have a jam sesh with all of us!

Happy Friday!
Grab a button, pick your jam, link up and let’s get this weekend started off on the right foot!

Introducing Therapy Thursday

A girl needs a little retail therapy every now and then. And sometimes when you can’t really afford to treat yourself its still nice to dream. So, every week I’ll be hosting Therapy Thursday (It would have been Therapy Wednesday for Hump Day, but that just didn’t have the right ring to it). I’ll share 10 things I’d buy that day if money was no object. And you guys can link up and share what you would splurge on .

Therapy Thursday

1. Burberry cashmere scarf. Because I want to own at least one Burberry item. And c’mon its cashmere.

2. Red glossy Hunter Wellies. Because I’ve been in love with them forever.

3. Nixon watch. Casual bling, is a must have in my work place.

4. Stella & Dot How Does She Do It bag. Because its gorgeous. No more explanation needed.

5. Zigi Soho boots. Because they’re a little bit badass.

6. Colored pants. Doesn’t hurt that these are 7 for All Mankind

7. Ray-Ban Aviators. Classic.

8. Hunter Bubble umbrella. Would be perfect for Paris.

9. Tory Burch flats in red. I’m a heels kinda girl, but when my feet need a break, I love a great looking flat.

10. Nude heels. Because they’re a wardrobe staple. And I wouldn’t complain if they were Louboutins.

What would you splurge on for Therapy Thursday?? Link up below.


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Day 7: Shyte that i’m afraid of

I wish I could say that I’m fearless. That’s an attractive quality isn’t it? A girl who isn’t afraid of anything. But I think fearless is a facade that people use to hide their pain or insecurity. And I think being able to be honest about who you are is a better thing to strive for than to be fearless. Honesty is the best policy, or so I’ve been told.

So here it goes, the things that I am afraid of (one or two of these might not impress a few people):

1. Heights
I know this one’s not a rarity. But for me heights can be slightly immobilizing. I can’t jump off the high dive. I can’t go zip lining, even though I’d really like to. I can’t go to the climbing wall at the gym. My knees get weak, my hands get sweaty, I overheat, and feel dizzy. It isn’t fun. I AM going up the Eiffel Tower in October, I might just need an Ativan to make it through.

2. Death
Another common fear, but thinking about dying makes me panic, and gives me anxiety.

3. Getting faaaat
Yeah. Slightly superficial. But, I’m scared that if I let myself put on a few pounds, I won’t do anything to lose it. And I’ve always been the skinny/fit girl. Not something I want to give up. Plus, all the health issues that go along with being overweight that could lead to fear #2.

4. Labour
Not the kind of physical labour you get paid for. Giving birth. I have an extremely low tolerance of pain. I mean it, extreeeeemely low. And labour can last a really long time. And I know that people say once the baby is born you’re so happy that you forget about the pain. But I am not convinced. Not even a little bit. Sure, you’re happy to have your child but the memory of that pain can’t possibly vanish.

5. That I Won’t Say No to my Kid(s) You know, a long long time from now, in the very distant future, I’ll probably have a kid or two. And when/if that happens I hope that I’m not one of those mothers with the brat children, who I never say no to. Here’s to hoping I don’t ever give in to cosleeping. Here’s to hoping I don’t let my kids eat whatever the hell they want. Here’s to hoping I don’t let go of all the things I think about parenting right now.

What are you afraid of?

Hello to any new visitors who may drop by today.  Leave a comment, I’d love to meet you.

The Most Amazing Weekend Shenanigans

I’m a girl who loves her family. And this weekend I was surrounded by some of the most wonderful people I know. Sadly, as per usual, I didn’t take near enough pictures of them. Friday I went out with my cousin Rosalie, her amazing friend Lorie and Lorie’s niece Sam. McHugh’s Bar wasn’t as busy as we had hoped it would be,but we still had a great night of wine and laughter.

Saturday started off with a touch of a hangover, thanks to the tequila shots I did due to Rosalie’s encouragement. But the weather was beautiful, flip flops and shorts kinda beautiful, and I got to spend the day with Rosalie and Victoria at the park listening to musical talents of Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Crew. We had Rip’s Chips for lunch, and enjoyed the company of our wonderful friends, Suzanne, Jacqueline, Pete, and Tom. And of course the adorable Oliver and Jesse.



When the concert was over, Victoria tried tightrope walking on a ratchet strap someone had set up between two trees.

Saturday night Rosalie and I worked non-stop to prepare for the brunch we were hosting at her house today. Not sure what we were thinking when we volunteered to cook for 15 people. It was a lot of work. The night wasn’t all work and no play though. We did take a time out to watch an episode of Glee with Victoria. Just so happens that I have the same favorite show as my 10 year old cousin. Nothing wrong with that right?

Brunch went over pretty well. The company was great and the food was good as well, if I do say so myself. We had homemade original and carrot cake waffles, both were yummy, fruit skewers with margarita dip, bacon, eggs, baked beans, and hash brown casserole. Jacqueline brought her homemade Pistachio Cake for dessert and it was amazing. I had never tried it before so I was skeptical, but Oh My God, it was delicious.

Who needs chocolate when you have fresh fruit right Oli?

Jesse snuggling with Erika

Perhaps the part of brunch that I am most happy about is how well my centerpieces turned out. They’re inspired by some things I seen on Pinterest. And I love them.

P.S. I’m linking up with Sami for Weekend Shenanigans.

Day 5: I have mad love for this girl

For Day 5 of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge, I’m going to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers, Whitney. She’s the hilarious talent behind I Wore Yoga Pants.

Whitney is real, she doesn’t pretend to be anything that she isn’t. And she doesn’t censor the things she shares (well I’m sure she does, but shes not pretending to be perfect). She blogs about her friends, her adventures, and her hangovers. She’s the girl behind #BackThatAzzUp Friday, the girl who shows you how to sneak booze onto a cruise, and the girl who can turn any Spice Girls song into a life lesson.

Whitney shares the important stuff too, don’t get me wrong, cruise booze is important and I’m all over that, but she shares the hard stuff too. She lets us in on the not pretty stuff in her life like boy troubles, specifically how she found the strength to call off her engagement. Girl is an inspiration.

I get excited every time I check Bloglovin and see that she has a new post. And obviously I’m not the only one who thinks she’s great because she has a dress named after her (check that out here) and a drinking game inspired by her blog (you can check that out here).

Head on over to I Wore Yoga Pant and fall in love with Whitney’s blog just as I have.