If Only I Were A Bagillionaire

This saving money for the Paris trip thing is killing me. I like to shop just a little too much. And while I fully understand that I need to be careful about my spending right now (yay budget!) its getting to be a pain in my derriere. I’ve got a closet to fill and an apartment to decorate dagnabbit!

Therapy Thursday

If you can’t tell, I’m gearing up for summer. Or dreaming about it anyways. I’m loving bright hues these days.
One – Colored trench. Sadly, Newfoundland weather can be a bit unpredictable. And summers aren’t always as warm as I wish they were. So I end up having to wear a light jacket sometimes. I’ve got a few nice casual/dressy jackets but they’re all grey or black (my go to colors), but summer is all about bright and fun. So, I want coat that will brighten up even the crappiest days.

Two – Neon purse. I 100% blame Pinterest for my desire to broaden my style choices when it comes to buying colors other than black. Loving the color of this purse.

Three – This tribal skirt is also based on Pinspiration. I’m in love with this. Its just so fun looking.

Four – It took me a while to come around to this trend. I just wasn’t feeling it at first. But, I’ve been wanting a statement necklace for a month or so. The problem is most of the ones I’ve seen have gold chains. And eff that. I don’t do gold. So, I’m loving this one because of the color, bubbly style, and silver chain.

Five – Neon shorts. I’m pretty sure they would look pretty terrible on my paler than pale body. But if I was a bagillionaire I could get a spray tan and they’d look fantastic.

Six – White Michael Kors watch. I’m gonna blame Two Thirds Hazel for this one. I was creeping her Instagram a few days ago and seen a picture of hers. Been in love with it every since.

Seven – This girl owns A LOT of shoes. I mean it A LOT. So many that its becoming a nightmare to find a place for all of them. This Ikea shoe drawer actually holds quite a few pairs. Also, it doesn’t take up too much space. Plus its super pretty (and no I don’t just mean for a shoe rack).

Eight – I like blazers. I work in an office that has no dress code and wearing shmancy clothes would just look weird since its a fairly industrial atmosphere. So I use blazers to “business up” my outfits, cause I usually wear jeans.

Nine – I’m in love with chevron. And I’ve been dying to insert the pattern into my decor some how. Decorative pillow seems like a pretty good way to do it.

Ten – I would need to be a bagillionaire to afford this one. But a girl can always dream about an Hermes Birkin right?


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