It’s Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday

Another completely unrelated picture.

Does anyone else feel like this month is flying by? Seriously, its the 24th already.

And thankfully its Friday. It was a short work week. But work had been pretty busy, so I’m exhausted. And it probably doesn’t help that I couldn’t put down my book last night until I finished it. Which ended up being somewhere around 2 am. Not the wisest decision I’ve ever made. But I was loving the book.

I usually hit a wall around 3 in the afternoon. No joke my body goes from all kinds of energetic to I wanna have a nap in like 60 seconds. And that’s how I know what time it is. No need for a clock here. Anyways, that wall showed up a lot sooner than I would have liked. 1:45 to be exact. So the rest of the afternoon was pure torture. Zero exaggeration.
I’m looking forward to a lazy, rainy weekend. Just me, my couch, cozy blanket and a book or some tv.
I’ve been without television for nearly FOUR months, ever since I moved into my new apartment (which I’ll have to show you all sometime). You better believe that there will be a lot of HGTV watching happening this weekend.
I kinda wish I could be stateside this weekend (okay I really really wish). Celebrating Memorial Day is on my bucket list. I just have this idea in my head that it would be a spectacular time. Hope all my American readers and friends have the most amazing long weekend.
And before I flake out on the couch for a nap, I can’t forget…..
It’s #backthatazzup Friday!
The purpose: To start our weekend with some fantastic jams.
The station that inspired it: “Back That Azz Up” on Pandora Radio.
The rules: Link your jams up at I Wore Yoga Pants and have a jam sesh with all of us!
Happy Friday!
Grab a button, pick your jam, link up and let’s get this weekend started off on the right foot!

Kip Moore makes me swoon. And this song makes me wish I had a boy to be up all night with.

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