Day 24: As it turns out, I’m not perfect

This picture has zero to do with this post. I just like it .

This challenge post was far more easy than I’d like to admit. It shouldn’t be so easy to come up my worst traits. The only hard part about all of this was picking the three worst ones. But here it goes…

One. I procrastinate. A lot. Like an unbelievable amount. So much so that I can’t believe that I am writing this post in advance.

Two. I use an extreme amount of profanity. I have to make a conscious effort to filter every. single. sentence.

Three. I talk a lot in general. But when I’m nervous, it gets out of control. I hate awkward silences, and cannot control my compulsion to end them by talking some more. Not a good quality for a girl who’s been invited on group hang outs with my cousin and guys she’d like me to meet. Pretty sure she learned her lesson when her friend M thought I was a nut job because I didn’t shut up.

What are your worst traits? Link up and share with us over at Story of My Life.


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