Day 18: The Fondest of Memories

Family gatherings have always been a huge thing in my family. We had family dinners and get togethers quite often when I was growing up. We still do actually. Friday nights were dinner nights at my Aunt and Uncle’s. Sunday’s were spent at one of my grandparent’s house. Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day we went out to a restaurant. You get the picture. My fondest memories from my childhood are of times I was surrounded by family.

Day 18 is about sharing memories and while this story may be slightly out of season but I’ll share it with you nonetheless.

As a kid I really looked forward to the Christmas season. For all the obvious reasons such as Santa Claus and gifts, of course. But also because there was a steady stream of visiting. Boxing Day night was one of my favorites. Every year we visited my Great Uncle Ben. The adults hung out in the kitchen talking and having a drink or two, I assume that’s what they did anyways, us kids didn’t spend much time in there. My brother, Tommy, and cousin George spent the night in the living room, watching tv and playing with their toy trucks and legos while my cousin Erika and I took over the dining room with our Barbies. And occasionally we would all attempt to sneak upstairs to explore.

My uncles house was ooold so we were enchanted by it. Its the house my grandmother grew up in. It was one of those houses that had addition after addition. My great grandparents added rooms as they could afford to. The upstairs had two parallel hallways, and six tiny bedrooms, one of which was only accessible by walking through another bedroom. Yep, that’s right, a bedroom off of a bedroom.

When my uncle passed away, that tradition ended. But my parents bought the house to keep it and the land in the family. Unfortunately, the fact that its been vacant for years means that it hasn’t held up well, and will soon need to be demolished, so yesterday my parents and I went in to see what we can salvage from it. We’ve decided that we’re going to take all of the old doors and a banister and are hoping find ways to use them at their cabin. We’re thinking headboards for a few.

I also found some old pictures of my cousins and I tucked in an old mirror. So naturally I took them.

And next time I go back to the house I plan to take my camera to get a few last shots.

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