Day 17: My Modelling Days

Day 17 of the Challenge requires me to share my favorite photo of myself which was super easy because you see once upon a time I was a model…okay thats a lie. I’m camera shy. Like very. I’m the one in the picture who’s always blinking or has that weird awkward smile.
So it really was easy to pick my favorite photos of me because there are so few good ones to choose from.

I love this one because its the most modelly (not a word) picture of me. Plus you have to love an outdoor shot. And the colors of my clothes ended up working out great.

I love this one for a number of reasons. One, it has my bff Sarah in it. Sarah and I have taken alot of pictures together. 99% of them are kinda horrible. And everyone needs at least one good pic of them and their bestie right? Two, my skin is in good shape for a change. My eyes look awesome. And no awkward smile.

This one might be my favorite. It combines a lot of things about me. My love of fashion (note the blue suede heels and pencil skirt), my love for being spontaneous, and my love for being weird.

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