Day 15: A day in the life…

For Day 15 of Blog Every Day in May I’m supposed to share what a typical day in my life looks like. I’m gonna apologize in advance, most days aren’t all that exciting or interesting around here.

My day starts with me forcing myself out of bed somewhere between 7 and 7:30. And if we’re being honest, most days its a lot closer to 7:30.

Then I check the Weather Network to see what conditions the day has in store for me. Mostly to help me figure out what to wear.

Then I rush around getting dressed, brushing my teeth, and doing something with my hair (most days my go to style is a sock bun, cause its quick and I don’t have time for anything else).

Then I pick out a pair of awesome shoes.

Apparently I like gold. I swear I have more color options.

Then I dart out the door and drive to work. Have to be there for 8.

Where I sneak to the bathroom to apply make up, cause there wasn’t enough time to do it at home.

Wednesdays are Tim Horton’s day at work. My boss brings me a muffin and a French Vanilla Cappuccino. Its a great way to start Hump Day.

Then its time to get down to business. I spend the day taking customer orders, updating costs…basically spend the day staring at Excel spreadsheets.

After work I hang out with friends as often as possible. Take it from me, its a much better way to spend your time than chillin’ at home alone. Except when Erika and I head to the mall to get a Chocolate Orange tea at David’s Tea. Because that usually ends up with some shopping, and dreaming, and purchasing.
I bought the shirt. The rest are things I’m saving for. And yes, I do take pictures of myself trying on clothes.

And then I like to relax with some wine (sometimes in the bathtub).

And to wind down, I do what I love the most. Read.
My current read. Loving this trilogy.

How do you spend your day?

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