The Most Amazing Weekend Shenanigans

I’m a girl who loves her family. And this weekend I was surrounded by some of the most wonderful people I know. Sadly, as per usual, I didn’t take near enough pictures of them. Friday I went out with my cousin Rosalie, her amazing friend Lorie and Lorie’s niece Sam. McHugh’s Bar wasn’t as busy as we had hoped it would be,but we still had a great night of wine and laughter.

Saturday started off with a touch of a hangover, thanks to the tequila shots I did due to Rosalie’s encouragement. But the weather was beautiful, flip flops and shorts kinda beautiful, and I got to spend the day with Rosalie and Victoria at the park listening to musical talents of Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous Crew. We had Rip’s Chips for lunch, and enjoyed the company of our wonderful friends, Suzanne, Jacqueline, Pete, and Tom. And of course the adorable Oliver and Jesse.



When the concert was over, Victoria tried tightrope walking on a ratchet strap someone had set up between two trees.

Saturday night Rosalie and I worked non-stop to prepare for the brunch we were hosting at her house today. Not sure what we were thinking when we volunteered to cook for 15 people. It was a lot of work. The night wasn’t all work and no play though. We did take a time out to watch an episode of Glee with Victoria. Just so happens that I have the same favorite show as my 10 year old cousin. Nothing wrong with that right?

Brunch went over pretty well. The company was great and the food was good as well, if I do say so myself. We had homemade original and carrot cake waffles, both were yummy, fruit skewers with margarita dip, bacon, eggs, baked beans, and hash brown casserole. Jacqueline brought her homemade Pistachio Cake for dessert and it was amazing. I had never tried it before so I was skeptical, but Oh My God, it was delicious.

Who needs chocolate when you have fresh fruit right Oli?

Jesse snuggling with Erika

Perhaps the part of brunch that I am most happy about is how well my centerpieces turned out. They’re inspired by some things I seen on Pinterest. And I love them.

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