Day 4: Words that speak to me

The topic of Day 4 of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge is favorite quotes. I’m supposed to share mine, and tell you why I love it.

Truth be told, I have a lot of favorite quotes. I’ve always been an inspirational quotes kinda girl. And I have favorite ones that suit different moods or situations that I find myself in. So, its been a bit difficult to pick just one to share, and for a while I considered sharing a few. But, I finally decided on just this one.

As much as we wish it wasn’t the case, no one’s life is perfect. We all go through periods of pain and darkness, of self-doubt and struggles, of frustration and fear. And that’s why I love this quote. It’s a reminder that the things we go through aren’t for nothing. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And if we fight our way through, it will be worth it. 
It goes fairly well with my Aunt Mazie’s favorite line, “Everything happens for a reason.” (Which drives me a little crazy every time she says it haha).

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