Day 3: Things that make me uncomfortable

I wasn’t sure what I was going to write for this post. And its not because nothing makes me uncomfortable, because believe me, there are a quite a few things. But, I just couldn’t seem to think of any of them when it came time to write about it.

And then I read Jenni’s post at Story of My Life, and funnily enough she’s uncomfortable with the same things I am.

Watching movies with my parents when the movie has sexual scenes.

True story: My dad and I really enjoy watching comedies. And when he finds something funny, he laughs really loud, which serves as extra entertainment for me. Last Christmas he mentioned that the movie The Change Up looked really funny. I had already seen it and I remembered that it was hilarious, so I went out and bought it for us to watch (I have no problem rewatching movies I like). Turns out, I forgot allll about the extreme amount of sexual scenes (there are a lot!). OH MY GAWWWD!!! I wanted to pull the blanket I was wrapped in up over my head and die. Pretty sure that I have never been that uncomfortable in my life. To make matters worst my mother decided to join us, and all she kept saying was, “What on earth were you thinking? Daughter’s shouldn’t watch this stuff with their fathers.” It was mortifying.

Like Jenni, I am not a fan of making phone calls. Absolutely hate it. It gives me anxiety. Even though I work in an industry that requires me to make a lot of calls from time to time, I have to push myself to call clients that I am not familiar with. Talking on the phone with strangers stresses me.

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