My Favorite…

I hate everything about coffee…the way it smells, the way it tastes….

So, when I lived in Alberta, and my friends wanted to go for “coffee” I either had a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks (love!) or a French Vanilla Cappucino at Tim Horton’s.

Since I’ve moved back across the country, to a town with no Starbucks (I know, its unthinkable) and Tim Horton’s isn’t my favorite (how un-Canadian of me), I have been left to find alternate sources of caffinated goodness. There is a nice local place here called Brewed (I’ll post about it sometime soon), but on my student budget I cant always go out for “coffee.” So, I make my own at home.

I’ve always enjoyed hot chocolate, but I don’t want it every day. So, on my last trip to Walmart (the at leas $100 store) I decided to look for something to switch it up. I found my new favorite (at home) hot bevarage: Hills & Bros French Vanilla Cappuccino. Yum!

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