I’ve Been Neglectful…

…of this blog.

It’s been a crazy week. Work, class, homework, and tryouts…yes tryouts. Not the regular sports kind, but the nerdy mathletes, debate team sort…kind of.

My school hosts a Business Case Competition every year in November. Teams from each campus (theres quite a few) compete.

Whats a Business Case Competition? Well, every team is put into a seperate classroom, and the door is locked. We aren’t allowed to take anything in with us, no cell phones, no books, nothing. We are however provided with one computer, sans internet access. Each team is given 2.5 hours to read a case study, and put together a slideshow to present to the judges. The top two teams get to travel to Qatar to participate in an international competition, and the third place team gets to travel to Montreal to participate in the Vanier Business  Case Competition.

I’ve also had a Professional Selling case study assignment due yesterday, and a Statistics assignment due today.

Needless to say I’ve been busy.


I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend, and perhaps trying out some of the DIY crafts I found on Pinterest.

Maybe this one…



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