October Goals

october goalsI’m a little late to the game to be posting pictures of pumpkins and talking about monthly goals, but better late than never right?

Its been a long time since I posted about monthly goals, or any goals in fact, however, with just 8 weeks to go until my due date I have quite the to do list. It makes sense to break it down and make a plan rather than to just have one long overwhelming list to stare at. And to hold myself a bit accountable, I may as well share it with all of you.

What I want to do in October…

  • “Finish” the nursery
  • Deep clean the house
  • Throw Jeff a great 31st Birthday party
  • Post at least twice a week. Every week.
  • Have maternity photos taken
  • Have two dates with Jeff
  • Work on posting on Instagram
  • Take Skeeter for a walk at least twice a week
  • Visit the pumpkin patch

What are your October goals?

The Second Trimester

The Second Trimester

The Second Trimester
The only bumpdate photo I’ve taken so far.

The Second Trimester

The Second Trimester

The Second Trimester

You guys, the second trimester flew by for me. It certainly helped that it was Summer. From friends’ weddings, to camping trips to kayaking, we kept ourselves busy enjoying the amazing weather Mother Nature sent our way.

For the third trimester, I’ll try to provide weekly updates, but the second trimester was really so uneventful for me that it makes more sense to share it all in one post.

Weight Gained

I gained 13.2 lbs in the second trimester for a total weight gain of 17.4 lbs.

How Big is Baby

At the beginning of week 14 baby was the size of a clownfish, but by the end of week 27 baby was the size of an eggplant.

How I’m Feeling (Physically)

Growing Pains – I did have some round ligament pain the first few weeks of the trimester. Around week 20, I did start feeling some discomfort if I spent long periods of time stand, or sitting in certain positions. My stomach would become very tight and uncomfortable, but laying down and stretching out usually helped.

Exhaustion – I expected this “first trimester” symptom to disappear quicker than it did. I was still feeling pretty tired throughout the day until 17 weeks (week 18). Then by 26 weeks (week 27) I noticed that some days I felt tired in the evenings and had to have short naps. Fortunately I don’t feel this way every day. But on the days I do, the exhaustion is hard to fight my way through.

How I’m Feeling (Mentally)

I’d like to be able to say that making it out of the first trimester made me feel calmer and more relaxed, but that wasn’t the case. For me pregnancy has been full of milestones we needed to get past. First it was our first ultrasound, then it was hearing the heartbeat at 12 weeks, getting the results of our harmony test and anatomy ultrasound, etc. While I breathed a sigh of relief after every positive outcome, there has always been one more hurdle to get past looming in the near future.

The Anatomy Ultrasound

Our anatomy ultrasound (sometimes referred to as the 20 week ultrasound) was scheduled for 18 weeks. While I did an okay job of not freaking out about it in the weeks and days leading up to it, I was full of anxiety on the day of the appointment. The ultrasound lasted about 45 minutes. Jeff wasn’t allowed in until the last 5 minutes, so the first 40 were spent staring at the ceiling of the dark room, trying to remain calm while the ultrasound tech did his job in near complete silence. At our hospital the ultrasound tech isn’t allowed to give you any information about gender or baby’s health. All they can share with you is a quick look at baby on the computer screen and point out some of baby’s features.

While it certainly gave me the warm and fuzzies to see our little one moving around on the screen, I really wasn’t able to relax until we received the results of the ultrasound at my appointment with my family doctor the next week.


While we did find out Baby W’s gender, we’ve decided to keep the news to ourselves until he/she is born because we have a few family members who would prefer not to know. Yes, I know that the news is ours to share if we want to, I have to admit that keeping everyone in suspense has been very amusing so far.

What I’m Eating

Much like the first trimester, I haven’t really had any cravings. Jeff is a little disappointed by this as he was really looking forward to late night visits to McDonald’s.

Occasionally I have been in the mood for ice cream, but I can’t really call this a pregnancy craving as I usually find myself wanting ice cream often in the Summer.

How I’m Sleeping

Apparently my body decided to start preparing me for the sleepless nights I’ll have once baby arrives as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I don’t remember the last time I had a good night of sleep. Between insomnia and having to pee frequently, a solid night of rest eluded me for the entire trimester.

What I’m Wearing

I gave in (because I had to) and purchased these maternity jeans from Old Navy and these shorts from Thyme Maternity. For tops, I decided to buy a few looser non-maternity options for the summer. That way I should be able to still wear them once I’m no longer pregnant. I loved this flowy tank and this white button up.

What’s Next

I hope you’re prepared for lots of pregnancy posts because I want to get you all caught up to where we are in pregnancy right now.

I have a baby shower in a few weeks, so I plan to share details of the decor from that, as well as all of the things I registered for. I haven’t packed my hospital bag yet, but when I do I’ll let you know what I stuffed in it.

That’s all for now! Leave me a comment with any more questions you might have. Happy to answer!

The First Trimester

the first trimester

I am excited to share my first pregnancy update. It seems like I’ve been waiting forever to do bumpdates on the blog. I hope to make my updates more frequent as I make my way through this process and I’m really looking forward to sharing the journey with you all. Hope you enjoy these updates and if there is anything else you are dying to know, please leave me a comment on this blog post and I will be sure to include in my next update.


By some miracle I only gained 3 or 4 pounds. I was really expecting to gain more, since I basically ate like an asshole the entire time.


Nausea: Practically zero morning sickness to report. I was only nauseous a handful of times. And I only remember throwing up three times. Once from brushing my teeth in the morning. Once because I had eaten way too much. And once because I took my prenatals on an empty stomach.

Growing pains: I had cramping on and off the entire first trimester and while it certainly made me anxious, it was just because my uterus was stretching a lot to accommodate baby.

Pregnancy Brain: I swear pregnancy brain is a real thing. I talked about it a little bit in our pregnancy announcement. I feel like my brain is just not functioning the same. I am so forgetful and my brain is just a jumbled mess.

Skin: My skin hated me those first 13 weeks. My face was almost constantly broke out.

Exhaustion: I was so exhausted. I’d be ready for a nap every morning about 2 hours after I had crawled out of bed. Fortunately, I rarely gave in. But the struggle was very very real. Truth is that you can never understand pregnancy exhaustion until you’ve experienced it.

Sense of Smell: My sense of smell was definitely heightened. But the only thing I remember finding particularly pungent or overwhelming was Skeeter’s dog food and treats.

Other symptoms: While I may not have morning sickness, that does not mean that my digestive system has been my friend. Between constipation and indigestion I was pretty uncomfortable from week 8 forward. It seemed that no matter how much (or little) I ate I felt uncomfortably full for hours after. One night I even threw up because I needed that feeling to go away so badly. These symptoms are fairly common in the first trimester because progesterone slows your digestive system down. I suspect they may have been a little worst for me because of the additional progesterone I was taking.


Excited. Nervous. Anxious. Happy. Overwhelmed. Hopeful. You name it, I felt it.

Having our two previous pregnancies end in miscarriage made it extremely difficult to allow positive feelings seep in. Almost as soon as I felt them, they were pushed away by thoughts of doubt and anxiety.


I’m not sure if you’re supposed to this early on but I didn’t really have any specific cravings or aversions. But I did go through a period of time where I had an aversion to all food. It wasn’t that the thought or smell of things turned my stomach, it was just that absolutely nothing appealed to me, especially if I had to cook it.


You would think that given the terrible exhaustion I felt, that sleeping would be a breeze. It wasn’t. It seemed to take forever to fall asleep, and then I would wake up a dozen times a night. I never felt like I was fully rested.


Zero exercise. I was so exhausted that I just could not motivate myself to move.


I know that a lot of people transition to wearing maternity clothes during the first trimester, however I was able to keep wearing most of my regular clothes the entire time, jeans included.


I didn’t “pop” in the first trimester, so it felt like there was no point to take pictures of a belly that didn’t look any different. Now that I’m writing these updates, I wish I had pictures to share.


We didn’t do much in the way of baby prep in the first trimester. Mostly because we tried not to get a head of ourselves before we heard the heartbeat at our 12 week appointment.

We did buy a dresser at IKEA while we were in Halifax in late April. It felt a little soon, but I knew what dresser I wanted for our nursery regardless of gender, and I just love the piece in general, so it made sense to buy it in store rather than pay shipping a few months later.

I fell in love with this crib early in my first pregnancy. However, it was a bit more than I wanted to pay for a crib. Not that it isn’t worth the money, but I’ve been trying to be a frugal as I can (I have a tendency to have expensive taste). But, my mom fell in love with it as well and when it went on sale a few months ago she bought it right away.


I am currently in my second trimester and working on some updates for you guys that will hopefully be a little more timely than this one.

The Week Ender v1.4

harbour grounds

Grabbed another delicious lunch at Harbour Grounds today. If you’re ever in the area you really need to try it out.

As you may know, I’m a Pepsi fiend. Its not so much the taste that gets me but the carbonation. Obviously living on Pepsi is a terrible idea at the best of times, but its definitely frowned upon when you’re pregnant. One, because you need to reduce caffiene intake, and two, because you really need to be careful of how much weight you gain. So, if I’m going to be indulging in any questionable calories, its going to be food, not drinks. If at all possible. Therefore, I’ve traded in Pepsi for sparkling water. Which I cannot stomach unless its mixed with something. I started out with a splash of juice it helped. But then I found these 1883 syrups on Amazon and decide to grab this one and this one so I can recreate a sparkling version of my favourite coffee shop’s Raspberry Lemonade. Only the lemon has arrived yet, as the raspberry was back-ordered, but so far I’m loving it.

Speaking of things that are frowned upon when you’re with child, alcohol. I’m not someone who drinks everyday, or every second day for that matter, but when the weather gets warmer I crave an iced cold beer or fruity drink. I suspect this will be the most difficult part of pregnancy. Fortunately President’s Choice has a de-alcoholized Blonde beer that is as close to the real deal as I can find. It doesn’t quite hit the spot, but it helps. I’m also looking forward to trying this non-alcoholic sangria that Kate shared on her blog last week.

I’ve been pretty fortunate that I’ve been able to keep wearing some of my non-maternity jeans so far. I’m not someone who wears legging on a regular basis, jeans are always my go to so this is a pretty big deal for me. I have been living in these from Gap, because the waist is high enough that it doesn’t cut into my little bump quite yet.

With that said, I know I’m going to have to give up my favourite jeans before I know it. So I ordered these from Gap. I also grabbed this cute white button down and a few t-shirts and tanks from Old Navy.

A few people messaged and asked where I got the letterboard that I used to tease my pregnancy announcement on Instagram. Its from Amazon. You can find it here. Its super cute, the price is great, and it came with way more letters and characters than some of the other options I saw.

I haven’t taken any real bump photos so far. But, hoping Beverly and I can get together soon to take some to share with you all.


Hope you have a great weekend!

I Have News….

pregnancy announcement


There’s a baby growing in my belly.

We’ve been keeping it a secret for so long that I really don’t know where to start. I’m just hoping that by finally sharing the news that it will start to feel more real to me. That I may actually start allowing myself to believe that this is finally really happening. I have no reason to believe that it isn’t but its hard to be confident when our last two pregnancies ended in miscarriages. (I may share more on that at another time.)

How far along am I? I’m 17 weeks today. Baby W is due late November. Just in time for Christmas.

Why’d we wait so long to share? After having two early miscarriages last fall we wanted to wait until we heard the heartbeat and were out of the first trimester to share. Then at our 12 week appointment with our OBGYN we decide to have Harmony testing done. Since we didn’t know what caused our previous miscarriages we wanted to know what our risk of chromosomal issues were. By the time those results came back as “low risk”, we had gotten so used to not telling, that we didn’t feel in a rush to tell anyone. It was as if we had kept it a secret this long, what was another few more days or a week? So, here we are. Finally sharing.

Since, I’m already well into my second trimester it feels like I have so much to share with you. Don’t worry, I’ve been keeping notes. I’m going to catch you all up on how things have been and to give regular “bumpdates”. I’ve always enjoyed reading those kinds of posts, even long before I was ready to think about having my own baby, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading them here as well.

I can’t wait to share this adventure with you!

Hey There Old Friend

Well its been another hot minute since I sat down to write. Not because I haven’t thought about it, but because I just couldn’t seem to actually get myself to do it. There was some writers block. A lot of comparing myself to other bloggers. A little frustration that I wasn’t really gaining the traction I had hoped (so the best way to solve that is to stop, right? haha). And honestly I’ve been really affected by the terrible weather we’ve been having around here. I know it seemed to take forever for Spring to start everywhere. But, its been rainy, overcast, bitter cold and super windy around here for months. AND we had snow twice, TWICE, in the past two weeks.

So, I can sit back and wait for the stars to align and give me great weather to motivate me, or I can just give myself a shake and get back at this thing. So here we are. Lets catch up.

– Skeeter has been losing soooo much fur lately. Jeff tells me its normal and that he’s just losing his “winter coat”. But no matter the reason, its been nearly impossible to keep up with the fur all over our dark floors. Sweeping just sends the fur flying, and while Swiffer was quite effective I would go through two or three just to get all our living room, dining room and hall clean. Plus, I’m not a fan of having to Swiffer and then sweep my floors to get all of the dirt. So, I decided to buy a vacuum. I already own one, but its never been awesome. I didn’t need anything heavy duty, and I wanted something small, lightweight and versatile. Also, since Jeff isn’t convinced a vacuum will be effective, the less pricey the better. The Bissell Featherweight for $30 fit the bill. It arrived yesterday and I used it immediately. So far, I’m happy with it.

PS. You know you’re an adult when you’re excited about a vacuum.

– I’ve spent the past few weeks Lobster fishing with my Dad. Its not something I ever expected to have the opportunity to do, so I jumped at the chance as soon as my Dad mentioned it. Waking up at 4am wasn’t fun, and I certainly never got used to the cold. But I loved the experience. I enjoy learning new things, so it was great to learn more about lobster fishing, the fishing industry in general, and my family’s business. But, I think the best part was getting to spend all of that time with my Dad.

– I’m not sure how many times I made the three hour drive between Corner Brook and Port Saunders since the lobster fishing season opened. Its not the longest drive ever. But, it can be a bit boring. There’s no cell service for a majority of the drive, so after the first few trips I was tired of the music I had downloaded. For the last trip a friend suggested I get an audiobook. I was skeptical, but I downloaded Audible on my phone and used my free credit to “buy” Adrift. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the story was great. But, it was also an excellent way to pass the time. The only downside was that I didn’t finish the whole book in one drive, so I had to wait for the drive back to finish it, and the whole time in between I was desperate to know what happened. Travelling is the only way I’d be able to listen to a book, otherwise I’d be too distracted by other things and I wouldn’t hear what was being read.

– We have our wood stove lit today. For the fourth day in a row. It was lit a few days last week as well. Summer, where are you?

– One of my favourite places to eat when I lived in Grande Prairie was Earls. Back then I was a fan of spending hot Summer days on their patio indulging in good food and beer. These days, the chilly weather makes me crave their delicious Jeera Chicken Curry. I recently discovered that they released a cook book full of their recipes, so today I caved and ordered it from Chapters with the hopes that the recipe for their wonderful spicy dish will be in it.

– I met friends for coffee at Harbour Grounds the past two days. Both times we attempted to sit outside on the patio and both times we were too cold and ended up moving inside. Here’s to hoping patio days are just around the corner.

– I’m patiently waiting for sandal weather, but in the meantime I’ve been living in these super cute New Balance Classic 515s. I grabbed mine at Winners, but I’ve found a few similar pairs on Amazon here, here, here and here.


Cheers to being back. And sticking around this time. I hope you’ll stick around too.

The Week Ender V1.3

massey drive pond
Credit: Beverley Oxford Photography
Boots: here or here


This week has been busy!

Partially because its my birthday week! I turned 31 (I’m really 30 and holding) on Wednesday.

My parents flew home from Florida on Tuesday, so they stayed in town for the night so that we could have a big family dinner to celebrate me being another year older. It was great to get together with everyone, (I enjoyed being the center of attention for a night) but the food wasn’t as great as we had hoped (especially not considering what it cost), so I won’t share the name of the restaurant we ate at.

On Wednesday Jeff invited all of our friends over for pizza and ice cream cake. It was far from wild, but I had a great time. I have awesome friends who really know how to make a girl feel special.

I don’t think that I’ve made a single purchase this entire week. But its been hard. The struggle is real friends.

Its especially hard when shopbop is having a sale. I really want this cute t-shirt, this pullover and this sweater.

Also, how cute is this salsa bowl?!

Skeeter is losing his puppy teeth and his breath is soooo bad. He’s also been been on a seek and destroy mission with all of his toys. I keep having to sew them up, because if I threw them out he wouldn’t have a single one left. There’s no way we could afford to keep replacing them at the rate that he makes the stuffing fly out of them.

For one last birthday hurrah we’re going bowling tonight with friends. I’m really looking forward to it. I enjoy bowling, even though I’m terrible at it, and its been at least a year since we’ve went.

I was so used to my favourite shows being on hiatus during the Olympics that I forgot that they came back this week. Jeff is working nights this weekend, so I will likely use the alone time to catch up on my shows, paint my nails and try out the GLAMGLOW masks I bought from Sephora.

Hope you have a great weekend!

31 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Me

I’m basically a newbie blogger again and its been quite a while since I shared a bunch of information about myself. So, in honor of my 31st birthday I’ve decided to celebrate the day that is all about me by sharing 31 things you might not already know about yours truly.

My birthday. Many moons ago. How cute was I?

Okay, now that you’re done dying over my cuteness. Lets get this party started! Please, try to contain your excitement.

1. I’m a full face of make up every single day kind of girl.

2. I’ll pick beer over any other “drink”. But I like a gin and tonic in the summer. And occasionally I’ll gulp sip some reisling.

3. I’m a university drop out. I moved across the country for the summer after my freshman year and stayed for five years. Then, I moved home and went to school part time while I continued my career. I am now a college graduate.

4. I got married at 29. We got engaged 9.5ish months after we started dating and had our big day a year later. Yep! First date to wedding in less than two years!

5. I bought my first home at 21. It was a cute little condo and I loved it. Now, I live on the other side of the country. So, if you’re looking to buy a place in Grande Prairie, AB. Give me a shout, I’ll hook you up.

6. I’m not a fan of housework. At all.

7. I’m obsessed with home decor, design, renos & real estate. I’d love to flip houses & own a bunch of properties.

8. I spend way too much time on my phone & iPad. Large Pinterest fan right here.

9. I sing in the car, but not in the shower.

10 I have the weakest stomach. All of the gross things make me want to legit vomit.

11. I have a slight obsession with cute stationary. Those sections in Winners and Chapters get me every single time.

12. I prefer baths over showers.

13. I’m a tv addict and a book worm. I love having a good story to lose myself in.

14. I typically only listen to music when I’m driving.

15. I don’t drink coffee or tea. Not because I’m trying to be healthy, but because I thin they taste disgusting. However, I LOVE caramel macchiatos. Strange, I know.

16. I’m the furthest thing from a morning person. Staying up late is more my thing.

17. The only language I can speak is English, but I really wish I could speak French.

18. I have a bad case of wanderlust and wish I could travel more often.

19. I love thunderstorms.

20. I’m a bit of a social media junkie. You should follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

21. I can’t lay down without a blanket. Couch or bed, winter or summer, I’m always covered up.

22. I almost always find it colder than everyone else. I’m the kind of girl who hates AC.

23. I prefer Pepsi over Coke.

24. I’ve never “done drugs”.

25. I have a bit of an issue with procrastination. I’m working on it.

26. I prefer writing in notebooks over apps. But, Evernote is my go to when paper isn’t an option.

27. I struggle with blogger envy. And it causes writers block.

28. I’m a country and city gal. I love the the hustle & bustle of the city, but the quiet and pace of a smaller town. I love cute clothes, shoes and make up. I also like snowmobiling and camping.

29. I love fresh flowers. I’d have them in the house all of the time if I could afford it.

30. I’m a shopaholic.

31. Even though we have Skeeter, I’m still not a dog person. So basically, the only dog I like, is mine.

There you have it folks. 31 things you probably weren’t dying to know about me. 

That list was long so if you stuck around until the end, thank you!

The Week Ender v1.2

caramel macchiato

I’d really like to get into a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule. I had intended to start that this week, but the week somehow just got away from me.

Jeff has had really bad influenza since last Saturday. I’m not used to having him home all day, every day, and its really thrown me off. I often find it easier to write, take photos and create content when he isn’t around.

Gap had free shipping and an extra 20% off over the weekend so I grabbed this dress and these leggings.

I went to the gym two days ago for the first time in months. I did squats, and I’m still recovering. Stairs are a challenge.

I snagged a pair of these adorable Adidas Superstars at Winners earlier this week.

Jeff and I have been living in our house together for nearly three years, but every room in the house is only partially finished decor wise. I’ve been trying to work on that lately. First order of business, our bedroom. The bed frame/headboard we have is going on 10 years old and starting to show it’s age. I’m really loving this headboard from Wayfair. I think it would be a good place to start in making our room look more mature and put together.

My Sephora order arrived a few days ago. I haven’t even opened most of the products, but I’ve been trying out the It Cosmetics concealer. Its too soon to review it, but I’m not sure I love it. Is it really so much to ask that a concealer actually hide the darkness under my eyes? Am I expecting too much?

Beverly and I have a shoot scheduled tomorrow. Not surprisingly I don’t have clothing and locations 100% nailed down yet.


Hope you have a great weekend!

The Week Ender

Flat Lay
Kate Spade Planner

I’ve been holding off placing a Sephora order since the beginning of the year. I wanted to wait until February because BIRTHDAY MONTH and I wanted to snag my birthday gift without having to place a second order. I decided to branch out with my purchases this time, I picked up one tried and true product, and everything else are brand new products or brands for me. I’m really excited to try out some things from It Cosmetics and GLAMGLOW.

Speaking of GLAMGLOW, I scored this POUTMUD wet lip balm treatment for just $10 at Winners last night. Jeff is working nightshift tonight so I’ll probably have a little at home spa night and try it out. I also have an Origins Original Skin mask that I want to try. Stay tuned to instastories, things likely won’t be pretty around here haha.

I’m a bit of a shopaholic and since I quit my job you know I’ve had lots of free time to fill my carts online. It has taken every ounce of my self control not to empty my bank account. I have my eye on these flats from Sole Society, these jeans from Madewell, and a dozen or more other items that I won’t bore you with right now. I’m basically holding out for really good sales. You know, the “it was too good to pass up” kind of deals.

Jeff works a lot so I’ve been trying to spend some of this new found free time picking up the slack around home. Housework is not my forte so it really hasn’t been an easy transition for me. Some days I do better than others. Today for instance I’ve done three loads of laundry already. I’ve also been trying to spend some of that free time in the kitchen. I’ve cooked more meals in the past month and a half than I think I did in 6 months last year. Not only do I like to make sure that Jeff comes home to a cooked meal more evenings than not, I’m really liking honing my skills. With that said the list of things I know how to make is short, so if you have any suggestions, please send them my way.

My friend Beverly of BOW Photography has graciously signed on to take some photos for this little space on the web. We’re working on some fun things, so you’ll be seeing lots of her pictures around here in the next few weeks.

Janine, one of my favourite bloggers has recently relaunched her blog. You should check her out!


Hope you have a great weekend!